A Message from the Lioness

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"The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.”

- Elizabeth Gilbert from Big Magic

Dear Radiant One...


I like to believe the universe brought this lioness to call me into existence by bringing my parents together.


You can read about that story in my upcoming book, Dear Radiant One...but a question I have asked myself is this...


What strange jewels did the universe bury inside for me to discover when it brought this man, this lioness, and a woman I call Mom together?


The further I go along my journey, I feel this lioness has been with me this whole time hiding in the shadows just waiting for me to find these jewels.


Two years ago, I called her energy in to guide me, by taking her name, Leona. What I dis-covered is this lioness is my jewel. I am her, she is me as much as I am/was my given name.


Why am I sharing this with you, Dear Radiant One?


This is where my story begins and since we have some twists and turns ahead on this journey, it is helpful to know the lioness will be with us the whole way, protecting the path we walk together...so let's begin!


Starting now, we take a step together over the next 44 days to learn more about this journey of mine and why it might be an elixir in some ways for your own transformational path.


Along the way, I will share photos, little moments in my time, and a few questions or quotes for you to contemplate on your own.


What's at the end of this 44-day pilgrimage, you ask?


Good question! You will receive keys to a deeper path for you to continue on by diving into my book, Dear Radiant One...and if you desire to choose a more co-creative adventure, start here to help bring this dance of life to LIFE!


With love,

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PS. To follow this 44-day Pilgrimage,  join me here. And to learn more and to support the vision to bring this book to life, follow here


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