Before I Could Walk, I Danced


Dear Radiant One...

Before I could walk, I danced.

That is true. And thank the divine I did.

My mom would put me in the jolly jumper every evening and I danced and bounced in there to whatever music was playing in the background. And as soon I was able to put on my own shoes and walk, I found myself in ballet slippers and taps in the middle of studios surrounded by new friends. Dance was and always has been home for me.

No matter where I am in the world, as far away from what I would call home, a good song and the space to move my body, and there I am, home and free. I never realized until somewhat recently how much this was a gift to know about this freedom and joy dance offers each of us.

People are so very far away from seeing this possibility of feeling at home and free in their bodies and their worlds.

Whether dance was/is forbidden or laughed at by culture or religion, or the body is limited or shamed out of celebrating it, or simply that dance has never been experienced, it is sad to know these possibilities exist.

Dance was always there for me in the scary, confusing, lost, angry, and alone moments of my life. When my dad would get his switch flipped to rage, I would retreat to my bedroom and dance to another world. It was my first love, my healing, my art, my world.

What about you? What's in your life that allows you peace, a sense of home, freedom, and joy? Can you tap into it at any moment?

The world is still moving into frightening times.

We thought we saw the radiance at the end of the tunnel, but we still seem to be holding our breath.

But what if we didn't?

What if we let our breath flow again and discover the radiance is within us, right here, in our own dance? It isn't something we have to wait for outside of ourselves.

It is time for all of us to dance.

Did you immediately come up with excuses like, I have two left feet...I don't have time...or the world needs serious resolutions not just some silly notion to dance...

Well, follow me for a moment, Dear Radiant One...

As I sit and pray for our world, particularly the areas being attacked right now, I do not see families crouched in corners begging to make it out alive. I see families putting on music in their humble homes and dancing together to perhaps a place of eternity. No matter what chaos is happening outside their walls, they choose to embrace every last breath and dance...

How do you choose to see our world?

With love,

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