We Take The Leap of Faith..Are You Coming?

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Dear Radiant One,

Tomorrow feels like the next leap of faith to bring this little book of mine to life. The past two days I have been sifting through boxes of photos and mementos of my life…baby pics mixed in with wedding photos, dancing photos from childhood, trinkets from travels with nOMad, and poems written from high school.

I think that is what ends up happening in the end, all the memories swirl together in a container called “life” and we look back see all the smiles, joy, laughter, and then ask ourselves why did I remember it differently?

I invite you to begin to unfold this journey with me tomorrow at a special event where I will reveal a bit more about the book, the title/book cover, share a short reading and then we will begin to bring it to life TOGETHER with a dance ceremony celebration.

To join me, please follow me here. The essence of all of my work is that I want it to be a co-creative experience and now that I did work of writing this the past year, it is time we share it and make it ours together. I look forward to co-creating with you. I trust you will come of you feel aligned and ready to play.

With love,
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