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Phoebe Leona

Private Sessions with Phoebe

Phoebe holds space for you to have a deeper experience of yourself and your world and guides you to heal yourself through somatic, expanded, and self awareness practices. 

If you are in need of a change in your life, deal with anxiety, burnout, confusion AND want to gain confidence and clarity to make changes with a greater sense of grounding, purpose, and belonging, these private sessions will have profound effects; from the subtle to the gross in your mind, body, spirit, and life.

What an Embodiment Session includes:

  • Inquiry- Intake form before session will give you more clarity on your own and the consultation during session with Phoebe gives you a better understanding of what is happening now and the quantum exploration of the past uncovers the root of the problem.
  • Guidance through meditation to wipe the slate clean and begin again.
  • Reflections from new experience is co-creative guide to recognize a new blueprint that wants to be born from the aspect of yourself that you have transformed.
  • "Homework"- Somatic, Expanded awareness, and Awareness into Action practices are given to help you integrate the new aspects of yourself into your life.

Packages vary.

Please consult with Phoebe to figure out the best path for you.

“I received amazing sessions with Phoebe! We did some deep dive work on old limiting beliefs around money and I had huge breakthroughs. She was kind and gracious in her work and how she listened, supported me, and took me through the embodiment exercises. The exercise was both gentle yet powerful in how it helped me release old blocks. I myself have done this work for many years, and working with her was some of the best healing work I have experienced. Grateful for her love, generosity, patience, and guidance.”

- Codie Lea, Holistic Transformational Practitioner

"Phoebe is tonic for the soul. Her soft soothing frequency guides you back to feeling safe in your body. She reminds you of how vitally important it is to take care of your body as the bridge between the unseen and the seen; the spiritual and material.  She guided me to have an insightful conversation with different parts of my body that had so much wisdom to share. Together, we found some deep insights on why my body was “talking to me” so loudly!  Phoebe’s gentle nudges helped me remember how much yumminess I’m allowed to have in my life. I felt able to open up to a whole new level of receiving. My nervous system relaxed so deeply and felt so nurtured inside my new favorite imaginary ‘pink boa feathered cape’; an anchor to remind me of when I’m in presence. Truly magical. Thank you so much Phoebe. I’m so grateful.”

~ Johanna Gardner, CEO, Love Yourself Rich Inc

“I had an Embodiment session with Phoebe Leona that knocked my socks off!
Immediately she made me feel like the most important & cared for person in the world. When she described her process of working with and tuning into the body, it was so freeing, I wouldn't be analyzing the why's, instead, being really present with my body, honoring, communicating, and releasing in effective and powerful ways.
Through her loving presence, she created a space that felt so safe, she was so present with me while guiding me, that I was free to express myself fully! It was effortless to connect with my body in refreshing and new ways, that I hadn't realized I was needing, but most definitely ready for. She helped me commune with a problematic body part, helped me feel into discomfort and uncoil it, she thoughtfully revealed to me that when identifying areas of my body, using descriptive language like "PAIN" was not serving me and deftly shifted my perspective, guiding me with positive reinforcement.
She was a wizard at guiding me through a journey with my body so grounding, so intimate & revealing that I was able to connect with deeper aspects of my being in ways that I never have before, that I fully embraced. I felt so open & expansive that I was able to tap into ancient wisdom & even sang an other-worldly Psonn that came through me. It was magical & sooo healing. And to top it off, I was feeling so empowered, that my Lion came in, to ROAR!!! 🦁Wow, awesome and powerful!
My body feels regenerated, invigorated & grounded. I've felt so much more aware and truly connected to my body in new, more loving and respectful ways after my session, I can't thank you enough Phoebe!
Let me wind down by singing the praise of Phoebe's skills and experience because they are extensive & magical, filled with such devotion & love, it's overflowing.... I am highly recommending directly contacting Phoebe for a session, experiencing her gifts is not to be missed, she is Divine!! 🙏🏻

-Sarah Fields, RTT Practioner

I just had my magic session with Phoebe!! And I’m not sure where to start it was AMAZING and magical and so much fun but also moving and inspiring and insightful and I learnt a lot about myself and what I need to do to move forward.  I have been a student of all things spiritual for most of my life but I have never done anything like this before and it was BRILLIANT.  I’m excited to carry on the magic Phoebe started and I know !!! because I felt it !!! a huge exciting change is coming and if you need clarity on anything I would give this magic a go !!!! Thank you so much Phoebe I am so grateful


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