Aspiring Leader (The nOMad Path Program)


The nOMad Path Program fulfills your retreat leader needs for both you and your students/clients. With this step-by-step process you will be able to create a safe space for exploring new landscapes of the world and within so there is unbelievable transformation and a greater sense of freedom for your students and YOU too!

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Aspiring Leader (The nOMad Path Program)

Learn from our nOMad Founder, Phoebe Leona in this step-by-step program that will walk you through the entire process of building your own retreat from the idea to the full execution of leading your community through the retreat of your dreams.

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Module 1: CREATION. Ideas, Research, and the Power of Your Voice. Discover for yourself the vision of your retreat and map out the route to your retreat. Also explore where to find your community to magnetize them to your retreat.

circle-check-solid 1 Module 2: ORGANIZATION. Plans into Action & Co-Creative Marketing.  Walk through step-by-step from signing contracts to pricing your retreat to payment systems to marketing in innovative ways.

circle-check-solid 1 Module 3: EXECUTION. Booking Guests & Selling Out Your Retreat. Learn the best practices with agreements and resources that will  ensure your clients  feel good about their arrival and keep coming back (and refer their friends ;)

circle-check-solid 1 Module 4: FACILITATION. Before, During, and After the Retreat. Get yourself fully prepared as a facilitator before your guests arrive, look at potential issues that may come up and how to handle them like a pro, and hold space for integration after the return home.