Travel within (and to costa rica!!)

bring magic back to your life...

The time has come to embody the alchemy of the emotional tidal waves of creative energy with abandon & grace.

Step into your power now.

Empower yourself & others to become the radiant beings that we are each meant to be through the Mvt109™ practice that will change our vibrations for a better world.



What you will learn:

We all have the elixir within to heal ourselves. No one should ever hold that power over you.

Learn how the techniques of the Mvt109™ in both a private setting and group ceremony settings.

Feel empowered by the knowledge and wisdom about the intertwining of the subtle and emotional body systems so that you can lead and hold powerful spaces of transformation.

Integrate a new modality into your present healing and/or coaching practice to deepen your healing/embodiment experience with your clients.

Throughout this program you will discover...

  • A movement practice that shifts vibrations within to make a wave of impact on our world.
  • The subtle body systems; the chakras & koshas and learn how to dance & flow with them to become more connected with all the energies within you.
  • How to hold a safe container to experience all of your radiant emotions; your shadows & your light.
  • The confidence to create safe spaces for others.
  • How to move more freely in your body and facilitate others through their personal explorations.
  • The alchemy of ceremony and how you can create it on a daily basis to flow with life.

A Message From Phoebe Leona,

Lead Teacher & creator of mvt109™


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 Hello dear friend, 

I found my way to moving in a more organic way after teaching yoga for many years and leading teacher trainings. I was in burned out on teaching the systems of the yoga practice that I once fell in love with.  The practice that gave me structure and healing in my own life, wasn't working for me anymore. I hit a wall and found myself feeling too bound in the form of the practice. I still wanted to be held but needed a more expansive space to be free to be me and move beyond the boundaries that restricted me.

That's when I found myself rolling around on the ground in the organic ways I did as a child and my early days as a dancer.

It felt like coming home.

As I moved there again, I realized the teachings I received through yoga of the subtle body, the breath, and the movement patterns were the layers of wisdom that I needed to fully integrate in my body. There was more depth to my healing and transformation from when I first arrived to these ways of moving as a child and young adult.

Then I realized, we all need this right now.

It is a movement that is freeing, with abandon, joy, grace, and moves beyond the structures and systems that the eastern gurus lovingly passed on to us westerners and embraces a more divine feminine energy we all are being called back to now as we step into a new paradigm. We are all being called back to our roots to heal so we can be free in this life.

With my recently published book, Dear Radiant One, I also include my personal stories of transformation and the somatic practices that helped me save my life. I pass these valuable lessons on for you and your clients so we all can live more radiant lives in this time of great change.

This program is for you if you want to unleash and embrace the power of your divine energies we all have within ourselves, remember who you are, why your soul came here to dance, play, create, feel, and be a joyful being again.

This program is for you, if you wish to fully embody the radiance of your divine nature and help others discover it for themselves too.

With love & grace,


founder of nOMad, creator of Mvt109™


PS. Below is a little taste of the Mvt109™ groundwork from the program. Enjoy. ;)


OUR Curriculum Includes:


Experience the somatic/movement practice created by Phoebe Leona that can be integrated into other practices and healing modalities. You will learn how to participate and facilitate this practice in group settings and integrate it into other healing modalities and coaching. You will receive a clear structure of the Mvt109™ groundwork and free movement to have the freedom to curate themes within this practice for healing and expansion.


Learn how the body holds the energies of shadow emotions like, Fear, Anger, Shame, Grief, Loneliness, Anxiety, and Numb and learn how to navigate your way through them to the lightness of Trust, Inspiration, Confidence, Love, Gratitude, Peace, and Joy. Experience how to embrace your shadows and your light to become a more radiant being. These practices will be experienced in our live sessions and the online portal content inspired by Phoebe's book for the self inquiry portion of the program.


Explore the subtle body of the koshas and chakra system to connect more intimately with the divine energies we all within ourselves. We shift our perspective from the divine masculine guru teachings of the subtle body of yoga to a deeper layer of surrendering and trusting the divine feminine energies. Theses discussions will be based on assigned reading material given prior to the program upon registration


Learn how to be confident as a space holder in ceremony, sacred spaces, classes, discussions, meditations, and other gatherings. Feel empowered to hold these containers so the energy of each individual can flow freely and safely. We will discuss setting healthy boundaries and how to sit with trauma when it enters into a group.


We will share our final discussion around how we envision our future as teachers, healers, facilitators , and practitioners as we co-create this new paradigm. We will create a support system to take us beyond our program out into our communities so we continue to uplift and empower one another.


What Our Mvt109™ facilitators Are Saying


  • The nOMad Collective
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    “I first got to experience Phoebe’s Mvt109 class during a breathwork facilitator training that we both participated in. On our last day, she led the group through a mini class before we dove into our breathwork. I was instantly blown away, not only by how beautifully healing and freeing the practice felt, but also by how deeply it opened me up to having such a powerful breathwork session afterwards. Mvt109 is by far the most healing and cathartic movement practice I’ve experienced. Taking the Mvt109 facilitator training deepened my understanding of why this practice is so powerful. It was an amazing experience that I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in acquiring new tools that help people connect with their bodies, their creativity, their emotions, and their deep inner healing capabilities. Even if you’re not planning on facilitating, I would still recommend this training if you feel inspired to go on a beautiful healing journey, and gain a new appreciation for the ways your body and soul can be expressed.”

    Mvt109 Facilitator Grad

  • The nOMad Collective
    nOMad Web About Page

    "This yoga training went above and beyond what I would have expected a 200hr yoga teacher training to be. A tough but very rewarding experience for me."

    "The training was a very powerful experience and opened me up in ways I would never have imagined. The Movement 109 class is a unique and wonderful experience of movement, stillness and playfulness. Moving through the chakras is a powerful and beautiful experience. "

    200-HR YTT & Mvt109 Facilitator Grad

  • The nOMad Collective
    nOMad Web About Page

    "Starting my journey as a yoga teacher with nOMad and Phoebe was truly a gift. Within the structure of the curriculum, Phoebe provided space for each trainee to discover their own unique voice and the special qualities that they can individually offer to the practice. This training is intentionally curated with love for the yoga practice and those who seek to dive deeper and you see that reflected in the nOMad community who continues to support and uplift one another beyond the training. For anyone interested in expanding their practice I hope you start your journey with nOMad!"

    200-HR YTT & Mvt109 Facilitator Grad


WHO is this program for?

  • If you are someone who is curious about your own unique energies and how to dance with grace in the world around you.
  • If you are a healer, yoga teacher, facilitator, coach, or practitioner who wants to integrate a new modality into your practice and offer a new perspective/resource to your students/clients.

Join us in costa rica!

November 12-19th


Spend your time diving into Mvt109™ as a facilitator while embodying the divine energy on the jungle beaches of Costa Rica in Nosara.

We will spend mornings in groundwork practice to learn the fundamentals,

afternoon sessions we will go over theory and holding spaces,

evening sessions will be the full mvt109 ceremony

Also included online portal of material:

  • Movement videos & playlists
  • Weekly embodiment and inquiry rituals
  • Meditation recordings
  • Mvt109™ Facilitator Manual
  • Option to join nOMad Path Program to help you go deeper as a solo-preneur

*these hours can count as CEC's at YA. This is also module from the nOMad's YTT program.


Starting at $2693 (includes 8 days/7 nights at Casass Kismet, all amenities, and Mvt109™ training)


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