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The nOMad Guides Membership empowers you, as a heart-centered leader, to make the collective paradigm shift by co-creating


This space is for you to be held, supported, grounded, and centered so that you can share your wisdom and medicine around the world on retreats and curated events without feeling overwhelmed or depleted.

Receive done-for-you and done-with-you support on your next retreat as a retreat leader and get connected with other retreat leaders to co-create or guest teach/facilitate.



  • Just surviving (energetically, financially...) to serve others and are ready to thrive and become more abundant while transforming lives on retreats?
  • Feel alone on your journey of serving others and want to meet other leaders to co-create with?
  • Seeking a community to support and guide you on your next curated event or retreat?
  • Feeling scattered and not sure what next steps to take plan your retreat or business?
  • Experiencing burn-out from doing it all alone and desire support and/or co-creators?
  • Tired of spinning your wheels from doing things the old way or all the ways?
  • A teacher, facilitator, healer, coach, or heart based leader who needs a space to deepen your personal holistic practice, receive new resources, get clearer on your vision, and/or make new connections so you can make a bigger impact on the world?

If yes, THEN READ ON...

Meet our nOMad Founder, Phoebe Leona

Hello Beautiful Guide,

Are you ready to be guided through the next steps to build, grow, and expand your next retreat WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed and under supported?

I hope so because I feel that deeply for you and I AM here to help YOU!

What you will receive here are my 10 years experience of curating, organizing, and leading retreats along with 25 years of experience as a soul-preneur; the knowledge and wisdom I gained from being a teacher, mentor, artist, published author, podcast host, TEDx speaker, and the work I have done working with the corporate, military worlds, and spiritual communities.

My hope for you is will you will receive a sense of freedom of time, money, and space when you can step into the role as a retreat leader.

Thank you for all that you do and bring to this world. I can't wait to see what else is possible for you and with you!

With love,

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What's Included:

  • 10-20% Discount on done-for-you retreat contracts for your next retreat.
  • Weekly LIVE support sessions (3-4 per month) to receive support on your done-with-you retreats contracts and other projects.
  • Retreat Matchmaker: Connect & match with other retreat leaders and experts in our community to co-create retreats together.
  • Retreat features and promotions on nOMad website, social media platforms, and newsletters.
  • BONUS! nOMad RETREAT PATH PROGRAM Build your next retreat with step-by-step process and done-with-you resources to be successful and profitable.
  • BONUS! Access to Membership portal with all programs to support you and your business including a personal 4-month Initiation Journey.

What Other Opportunities Are Inside Our Guides Membership: 

  • Host your first transformational retreat on your own with the support of nOMad staff or as a nOMad retreat host. (inquire about done-for-you contracts)
  • Be featured as a nOMad Guide on our next Virtual Summit (TBA) to build your own email list and get your voice heard to a new following.
  • Receive opportunities to co-create within our circle for events and retreats.
  • Publish your book at nOMad Press with all the support you need by nOMad and GracePoint Publishing
  • Host your own podcast or co-host at nOMad's The Space in Between.
  • and more to be added to our list soon...


Imagine What It Will Feel Like...

  • To do what you love every day and get to practice what you teach and wake up every morning with your own agenda,
  • To feel grounded and calm in your nervous system from trusting the abundant nature of your work.
  • To feel confident in your voice and your services so you know you are making a difference in the world.
  • To connect with like-minded Guides who walk a similar path and support you on yours to help each other grow and expand.
  • To attract (not chase) the people who are looking for you and your wisdom and medicine without the hustle on social media platforms that don't feel aligned with your mission or voice.
  • To feel the power of your own healing and the human connection with others you guide that regenerates all of you.
  • To make choices from abundance and ease.

If that feels good, then join us!


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per year
  • 10-20% Discount on done-for-you retreat contracts for your next retreat.
  • Weekly LIVE sessions (3-4 per month) to receive support on your done-with-you retreats and other projects.
  • Retreat Matchmaker Service: Connect & match with other retreat leaders and experts in our community to co-create retreats as leaders and/or guest experts.
  • Retreat features and promotions on nOMad website, social media platforms, and newsletters.
  • BONUS! nOMad RETREAT PATH Program to build your next retreat and walk your through a done-with-you retreat.



  • Choose your destination. nOMad team will help guide you to the perfect property that will fulfill you needs and desires.
  • Share your vision. nOMad will make it happen by taking care of all the details with the property and vendors.
  • Focus on what you do best and gather your community. nOMad will take care of the rest so your guests are ready to be with you.
  • The nOMad Collective

    “ As my mentor, Phoebe has generously and transparently shared both her successes and challenges, guided me when the path felt difficult, and has encouraged me to make Mvt109™ (a practice that she created) uniquely my own voice. Due to her guidance and expertise, I’ve been able to make connections, uplevel my business IQ as a young soul-preneur, and confidently say “YES” to opportunities that have led me to share my practice with a diverse range of communities and people. Phoebe has a special ability to see and uplift our gifts and knows how to create community when we need support (ex: Our Guides Community Membership). She has been a wonderful mentor, teacher, friend, and human to have in my corner and embodies the values of the next generation of soul-preneurs.”

    nOMad 200-hr Yoga Teacher, Mvt109™ Facilitator, & Founder of Bahay Mvt

  • The nOMad Collective

    “Phoebe has been instrumental in helping me find my voice as a yoga instructor, nourishing it and helping me share that voice with my students. She helped me take an idea of taking my yoga practice from the studio, outside to create a hiking and yoga program. She listened to my threads of ideas and helped me weave them together to an organized presentation. Phoebe also helped me find the right marketing tools, audience, and process in reaching as many people as possible. She is a great mentor, friend and inspiration.”

    Temple Training Techniques Hike and Yoga

  • The nOMad Collective

    “Founding and operating a new non-profit, TRIBE, was a daunting task at the administrative and operational leadership levels. Beyond that, given that we were very mission vs. profit-focused, we wanted to see beyond and above these administrative and operational tasks. Based on her business experience, Phoebe provided clear leadership and actionable guidance to help me set up administrative and financial systems for day-to-day tasks and for long-term planning. At the same time, she encouraged us to stay true to our individual and collective mission, values, and our audience. In the words of Phoebe, we did not forget our "why". Under Phoebe's leadership, I believe that I have flourished as a business leader in my own right and that I have stepped into my role as a guide for others.”

    500-hr YTT, Mvt109™ Facilitator, & Co-founder of TRIBE Military

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