A Love Letter from Bali

My Dearest,

If you find yourself at a crossroads, yearning for deeper connections as a visionary who dreams of a love-filled world, a curious seeker on a spiritual journey, and a lover ready to receive more love, then this invitation is for you. Join your Guides, Phoebe Leona and Caryn Challman, for a heartwarming retreat filled with love-infused somatic practices, Ayurvedic rituals and movement ceremonies in the enchanting embrace of Bali to discover the love you have been waiting for.


As you step into this sacred adventure, picture this: Your hands gently pressed together at your heart, a deep bow, and a deeper breath—a love letter to yourself. In this sacred pause, you surrender and remember to cherish your divine nature. You've arrived in the loving embrace of Mama Bali, who whispers that you already carry all the love you need within to magnetize the love you are calling in.

Each morning, you awaken to nature's symphony and indulge in tropical fruits, fragrant incense, and offerings to the gods carried by the breeze. Your body relaxes as you gracefully move through open spaces, connecting with fellow adventurers and sharing stories that touch your hearts. The chaos of the past fades as you step into a new world—a new beginning that let's you know you are ready for more love.

You have arrived, and there is much more to this love story...

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But first, is this your call to love?

  • Do you yearn to dance to the rhythm of your heart with each step overflowing with love and joy?

  • Do you have flourishing friendships but are you longing for  deeper connections with more like-minded souls?

  • Do you desire to face the world with authenticity and a strong sense of self so that you can attract the love you truly seek?

  • Do you dream of a world where love conquers all, and you have the confidence to seize the day, to take a chance on love, and feel unburdened by the weight of old patterns that held you back?

  • Do you wish to fall in love again with the sweet rhythm of ritual and ceremony, knowing that they reset your mind, body, and soul with love's gentle touch?
  • Do you wish to receive the love from your person you are calling in to co-create a life with?


If you've answered "YES!" than this retreat is calling you to get ready for love!

This is your call to uncover the love within yourself, celebrate life's sacredness, and get ready to receive the love you have been dreaming of.

Each day begins with rituals that guide you back to your body and awaken the spirit of love within you.

Bali holds a unique magic, inspiring you to embrace all of you with love and acceptance. As you return home, you'll carry a newfound sense of lightness, and space to receive love that you had once set aside to navigate the challenges of the world.

But that's not all; let me reveal more about your love journey...




What Will You Return Home With?

During this 7-day love retreat, you'll have the opportunity to shift your consciousness and prepare for a new way of thinking, being, and loving to receive the love from yourself and get ready for love from your person.


yourself sleeping soundly every night, no more tossing and turning in your bed or in your mind wondering if you will ever meet "the one" or if you are “good enough” or will ever be seen for the beautiful soul that you already are.

that you find confidence in your voice, the inner critic silenced by the love that now fills your being.

falling deeply in love with every aspect of yourself, quirks and all. Doubt no longer plagues your thoughts; you trust yourself and the universe, which showers you with love and abundant gifts, even those that once appeared as mistakes.

having deeper connections with loved ones, born from the courage to open your heart and share your authentic self. You feel safe expressing your true emotions, from tears of authenticity to the joy of your inner child.

letting go of the paradigms that tell you how to love, embracing both masculine and feminine energies to dance freely within you. You no longer compartmentalize yourself; you've become a harmonious whole. You sway your hips to the music and stomp your feet on the earth, claiming the fullness of your love.



taking a deep breath, feeling the relief as the weight of past love and heartaches dissolves into the distant past. Those old stories, those wounds, that person—all held in your heart with gratitude, love, and joy. You are no longer burdened by shame, guilt, sadness, or anger. You've set them free to embrace every fleeting moment with wonder and awe...

You are free to receive the greatest love you have been waiting for your entire life. That person is right there, smiling back at YOU!

What Bali Has to Offer You

Bali is a place of sensory wonder. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations all connect us with ourselves and rejuvenate our being. It is through the senses that we experience our surroundings and ultimately experience love. Through ancient Ayurvedic practices that are designed to enhance sensory experience. Purification of, and meditation with, the sensory organs awaken a deeper and more connected experience to dance with your authentic self.

Immerse yourself in a place that celebrates community. Bali proudly honors multiple faiths, including Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. A visit to the rice fields will reveal the importance of unity and co-creation.

Experience the powerful energy of Bali, sweeping away the old stories to leave you with a calm heart and a clear mind. Bali provides the perfect backdrop to heal old wounds, find balance, and reintegrate the masculine and feminine energies within you, reminding you that everything is here for you and it is all interconnected with love by the divine.


THE VENUE: Floating Leaf

Our journey unfolds in the eco-friendly haven, Floating Leaf, known as the world's best yoga, spa, and wellbeing resort by respected publications like Forbes, Harpers Bazaar, and more, is a place of comfort and tranquility.

It is also one of our favorite nOMad destinations for retreats and we are going back to host for our 3rd time within 6 years!  

As soon as you arrive in the village of Sukawati, you'll feel at home. The staff greets you with warm towels and a foot bath ritual, instantly relaxing you after your travels. The property surrounds a tropical pool and communal spaces, where you can unwind with a good book, take a nap, or engage in enriching conversations with fellow travelers.

The spacious, comfortable, and serene bedrooms provide a peaceful retreat each night. Wake up to the sunrise and meditate on the roof deck, where each day begins with rituals. Savor delicious fresh fruits and coffee or tea every morning. The chef thoughtfully prepares every meal, offering vegetarian and traditional Balinese cuisine.

The Delights...

Each day of your journey holds the promise of new discoveries, adventures, and moments of love, all designed to reconnect you with your authentic self and prepare you for a love-filled life.

What’s included

  • 6 Nights/7 Days at Floating Leaf
  • 3 Daily meals
  • Welcome Dinner with Traditional Dancers and Musicians
  • Daily Movement and Meditation with Phoebe
  • Transformational Workshops with Phoebe and guest facilitator
  • Mvt109™ Ceremony with Phoebe
  • Intro to Bali Culture
  • Offer Making Class
  • Beach Day at Sanur
  • Sudamala Rice Field Walk and Subak/Rice Temple Talk
  • Purification Ceremony and Rituals at Sacred Water Temple
  • Visit to local School
  • Farewell Dinner


  • Free massage at Floating Leaf
  • Group Orientation Call- Meet and greet our retreat leaders and your fellow retreat peers. Get to ask any logistical questions and start to set intentions with us for our time together.
  • Integration Call with Phoebe- After you return home, you will want to know you are still supported. This call will be held withing two weeks of returning home as a check in and support for you and your vision.
  • A Signed copy of Dear Radiant One by Phoebe Leona





Includes all the delights above & taxes





$3977 USD per person Double Occupancy (Reg. $4677)
$4699 USD per person Single Occupancy (Reg. $5399)



Book your flight to Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar (DPS) on April 14th and depart April 20th.  Group transportation will be provided to and from the airport by Floating Leaf. If you have travel within Bali before or after the retreat, you are responsible for your own transportation.


Other Considerations.

What it does NOT include:

  • Flights or traveler's insurance
  • Shopping, other meals/beverages, or treatments outside of what is listed above
  • Additional Spa services

Refunds & Cancellations: $500 nonrefundable deposit is required (paid towards your first payment)

  • Any cancellation will result in a total loss of the $500 USD deposit.
  • Any cancellation received in writing before February 14, 2024 will result in a loss of 50% the trip price.
  • Any cancellation made between February 14, 2024 and the trip departure will result in a total loss of funds.
  • Trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended whenever making travel plans

SAMPLE ITINERARY (is subject to change)

SUNday, APRIL 14th

  • Arrive at Floating Leaf
  • Dinner & Opening Circle 


  • Morning Movement
  • Breakfast
  • Free Time
  • Lunch
  • Offer Making Class
  • Welcome Dinner and Balinese Dance

TUESday, APRIL 16th

  • Morning Movement
  • Breakfast
  • Free time at  Sanur Beach
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Workshop
  • Dinner and relax


  • Breakfast
  • Purification Ceremony and Rituals at Sacred Water Temple 
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Workshop
  • Dinner and relax

THURSDay, april 18th

  • Morning Movement
  • Breakfast
  • Charity Inclusion Event

  • Lunch
  • Free time
  • Afternoon Workshop
  • Dinner


  • Morning Session w
  • Breakfast
  • Secret Waterfall and Temple Tour
  • Lunch
  • Free time
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Farewell Dinner


  • Morning Movement
  • Breakfast
  • Depart Floating Leaf to airport

This journey is TOTALLY for you if…

  • You deeply care about making the world a better place.
  • You are open to spiritual transformation, movement practices, and believe in honoring nature and other cultures..
  • It’s time to transform, transcend, and re-align your life with your soul so you feel whole and complete
  • You’re both excited and nervous about this trip!
  • You are READY FOR LOVE!


Meet Your Guide, Phoebe Leona

Hello! Bali has always been a special place in my heart since the first time I led a retreat there in 2017. The love that you feel when from The Islands of the Gods is quite powerful and special. I am excited to return for a third time to guide you and others to dance, play, and spread your arms wide open to receive all the love that Mama Bali has to give you. My hope is you will return home with a new found sense of love and expansion that is the ripple effect that changes us to live in a vibration of love and peace for more authentic connections.

I hold spaces and teach that through practice, patience, curiosity, courage, and compassion, you can open a world of greater possibilities and deepen the connection to one’s core being. With over 20 years of teaching experience in yoga, somatic movement (Mvt109™), spirituality, and personal transformation, I am so honored for the opportunity to witness your experience as you discover your own radiance and take flight!

I can not wait to share the immense amount of love that is waiting there for you in Bali!



Meet Your Guide, Caryn Challman

Hello, I’m Caryn. And from a very deep place, I want to share that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves. But with our busy and chaotic lives, and the unending health trends that are available everywhere, it can be difficult to know what each of us individually needs to restore balance.

I know this personally–because I came to a point where I had extreme digestive distress and countless food allergies–I tried all the trends, and all the online advice, but nothing worked. This struggle eventually led me to visit an Ayurvedic doctor visiting from India. After a lengthy intake, he gave me simple advice and … what seemed at the time to be strange advice. But I did everything he recommended. And slowly, I started to get better and I needed to understand why.

I went on to graduate from Kripalu in 2019 as an Ayurveda Health Counselor and then completed advanced practitioner coursework with Dr. Anusha Sehgal of Boston Ayurveda Inc in 2021. I am now an Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner and the founder of Sattvic Fern, a small Ayurvedic clinic and herbal apothecary based in Beacon NY. I work with clients to educate, guide, and empower them to restore balance and health through the application of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

My background is in the fine arts - and I enjoyed a lengthy career as a designer, animator and videographer, having worked for technology companies and startups. Over the past 30 years, I’ve also absorbed myself in personal studies of Eastern traditions–including yoga, meditation and pranayama. In this pursuit, I have attended many retreats and pilgrimages to India–the first time was in 1997, when I lived in the Himalayas studying meditation for 6 months. Most recently, I spent a month receiving and studying Panchakarma (a type of Ayurvedic cleanse) in Coimbatore, South India.


The nOMad Collective

““So happy I was able to relax and unwind in Belize with the world’s greatest yoga teacher! This beautiful retreat, located in Thatch Caye, was a perfect balance between relaxation and activity. Phoebe created a spacious itenery with the right balance between optional activities (like snorkeling) and yoga classes. The staff on this small, private island (with beautiful and simple accommodations) was able to accommodate my dietary allergies and a variety of guest’s preferences. I would highly recommend it for someone looking for fantastic yoga classes, a little extra non-yoga activities, and plenty of time reflect.””


The nOMad Collective
Lori Beers - 300 hr grad 2017, Costa Rica retreat 2014

“I am so grateful to be a nOMad! Phoebe has been one of those teachers who's lessons stick with you long after the yoga class is over.I joined her on her first nOMad retreat to Costa Rica. This experience was so amazing. We had classes in the morning and at sunset, (occasionally on the beach watching the sun fall behind the ocean as we melted into our final savasana!). During our free time, we all stayed together and explored the area, taking horseback tours through the jungle, zip lines, national forests, and basically just enjoying the sunshine, fresh fruit (the mangos!!), atmosphere and relaxation. ”

300 hr grad 2017, Costa Rica retreat 2014

The nOMad Collective
Jessica Bugbee - Bali retreat attendee Sept 2017 & March 2020 & nOMad Certified Teacher (200/300 hr 2018/2019)

“Words only partially cast light on the spiritual experience I embraced while in Bali with Phoebe and nOMad. Traveling across the world alone was a first for me, which presents a little anxiety, however, knowing that I would meet up with other nOMads (most of who I had not met) set me right at ease. From the first day through the last day, Embrace Ritual in Bali was an absolute heart-opening experience for me: correcting misalignment in my body from old scars - some of which I never knew I had, understanding the importance of setting intentions and letting go of expectations, learning the value of giving others space - to include myself, really truly listening to another person, understanding pain is temporary and the ability to forge a new storyline through the pain is possible, through sharing culture, prayer, and love a deeper human connection is possible. Along with these beautiful lessons, I learned laughter and relaxation are important rituals that keep me grounded in the healthy, loving, caring and capable woman that I want to project. One more gain was the unexpected gift of growing a deeper love and appreciation for my husband because of the unwavering support from him and the nonjudgmental support with nOMad. And, I must tell you all that I am still growing - almost 3 months later from this remarkable journey with nOMad Embrace Ritual in Bali. Thank you Phoebe, and thank you to the nOMad support.”

Bali retreat attendee Sept 2017 & March 2020 & nOMad Certified Teacher (200/300 hr 2018/2019)

So dear one,

you made it this far...what are you waiting for?

Love is waiting for you. Are you ready?

Do you want to call in the greatest love of your life?

Let's do this together.

Love always and forever,

Mama Bali