If  you are ready to answer the call from within to take flight as a vibrant and creative being to transcend the chaos and emerge as an independent leader of your life with freedom, ease, and abundance- then join us as we migrate with the monarchs to Mexico for this powerful and unbelievably transformational experience.


Sitting by a waterfall, you feel the old stories of loss, trauma, chaos washing away. A moment of pure bliss of possibility quickly follows behind these stories with the breeze...

It's an invitation to enter the chrysalis; to rest, let go, release.

You give yourself permission to surrender into the calm hot springs that cleanse you, the temazcal that melts away the tensions and purifies what is no longer a part of you so you can re-emerge and transcend in ways you didn’t even know existed. 

As you observe the migration of the monarchs, you discover new ways to take flight in your life so that you can be the change in your own ecosystem that affects the greater good of our world. 


The Monarch Migration invites you home to yourself in Mexico!

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Crown and Take Flight..

You feel empowered, more connected to your heart space, nature, your community, your mission so you can confidently be more present in your home, work, and relationships. 

You let your soul SOAR and overpower the old ways of thinking and working that kept you in the hustle and playing small. You are able to return home with a greater sense of freedom in time, energy, and appreciate the abundance in all the ways it shows up for you. You have a greater sense of trust in your own intuition and make choices from a more grounded and inspired space motivating you to make an impact in service to our world. 

And since you have finally chosen to put yourself first by fully receiving this experience, you are able to lead by example as you inspire others to do the same. By fluttering your metaphorical wings, you become the butterfly effect that shifts the consciousness of the world from chaos to creation, overwhelm to peace, and burnout to fired up! 

YES! It’s time to enter the chrysalis and allow yourself to become something new for our world to fly to greater heights. This journey will transform your life, your community, and all of humanity for years to come.


Why Michoacán, Mexico?

There is a great mystery in the call to adventure for the Monarchs to migrate to Mexico which is a message received from generation to generation every year. What is that yearning inside of them that intuitively guides these butterflies home? What awaits them there?

Imagine this calling within you to explore a world you didn’t know existed but know you have to go there and experience it yourself. You give yourself permission to rest deeply, let go completely, become the mush of unknowing, in order to take flight into a radiant new world that calls you to your own adventure of wild laughter, joy, bliss, freedom…

What is calling you here now? What is awaiting you there?

Maybe it is the tropical vegetation full of color, the abundant rush of waterfalls and rivers, the nurturing hot springs, or the bliss of stillness within as you quietly observe the animals and birds in nature.

One thing is certain, you are being called here now to become something new.

Are you ready to answer that call?

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welcome to our beautiful space at AGUA BLANCA

Agua Blanca has been a location known for their hot springs spa for over 80 years and the last 10 years was transformed into an eco-tourism hotel. It attracts guests who are “seeking an oasis to relax, reconnect with themselves and seek the common good.” Owned by a Mexican family (of Swiss origin), they are committed to and  pride themselves on “exceptional natural surroundings, legendary hot springs, human passion for serving, high degree of commitment to quality and love of nature allows visitors to rediscover the natural harmony, reconnecting in body, mind and spirit.”

As a guest on this retreat, you will receive 3 delicious meals a day that are thoughtfully planned for our group.

On the property, you will have time and space to roam the rivers and waterfalls, experience two ecosystem in this canyon where a a sub-tropical area merges with semi-arid zone.

The Delights...

Our itinerary is thoughtfully curated by our hosts and local tour guides. In addition to relaxing, and daily sessions at Agua Blanca, you will receive...

  • 6 days and 5 nights at Agua Blanca
  • 3 healthy and hearty meals daily
  • Welcome Ceremony
  • Daily yoga, movement sessions and rituals with Phoebe & Kim
  • Visit to the Monarch Sanctuary
  • Temazcal ceremony
  • Free time to explore the waterfall, hot springs, and lush gardens in the property
  • Round trip airport transfers from Mexico City
  • Group Orientation and Integration calls with Phoebe & Kim



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Includes all the delights above & taxes





$3599 USD per person Double Occupancy (Reg. $4099)
$3867 USD per person Single Occupancy (Reg. $4367)



Book your flight to Benito Juárez International Airport in Mexico City (MEX) on March 1st to arrive by 3:00 pm and depart March 6th after 1:00 pm. Group transportation will be provided for you to the hotel. If you are not arriving in time to be on those transports, we can help you arrange your own taxi to the hotel (at your cost).


Other Considerations.

What it does NOT include:

  • Flights or traveler's insurance
  • Shopping, other meals/beverages, or treatments outside of what is listed above
  • Spa services

Refunds & Cancellations: $500 nonrefundable deposit is required (paid towards your first payment)

  • Any cancellation will result in a total loss of the $500 USD deposit.
  • Any cancellation received in writing before February 1, 2024 will result in a loss of 50% the trip price.
  • Any cancellation made between February 1, 2024 and the trip departure will result in a total loss of funds. Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans

This journey is TOTALLY for you if…

  • You deeply care about making the world a better place.
  • You are creative (or desire to be more creative), independent (maybe even a little introverted ;), service-minded and heart-centered. 
  • You are open to spiritual transformation, movement practices, and believe in honoring nature.
  • It’s time to transform, transcend, and re-align your life with your soul!
  • You’re both excited and nervous about this trip!


Meet Your Guide, Phoebe Leona

Hello! I believe that we always have a choice in how we experience our world there are always opportunities for growth from all of life’s gifts and lessons. I began this nOMadic journey in 2013 after a year full of obstacles after a 15 year marriage ending and the death of my father. Instead of seeing how life was happening to me, I chose to see how life was happening for me and took the invitation to live out a dream of mine to travel and teach. I packed up my life and went out to start my business of leading transformational retreats to guide people to shift their perspective, so that their whole can change from the inside out.  I am grateful to have so much to share with you from all the gifts I have learned along the way, particularly  these last ten years.

I teach that through practice, patience, curiosity, courage, and compassion, you can open a world of greater possibilities and deepen the connection to one’s core being. With over 20 years of teaching experience in yoga, somatic movement, spirituality, and personal transformation, I am so honored for the opportunity to witness your experience as you discover your own radiance and take flight!



Meet Your Guide, Kim Romain

Hi, I'm Kim! I deeply believe that within each of us resides a visionary longing to be healed, a force that can bring about positive change, both for ourselves and the world at large. This visionary is fueled by passion, desire, and the determination to shape the future we wish to see.

For most of my career, I prided myself on being a do-er. Getting things done was what I excelled at, and it became an expectation, both from others and from myself. However, it was during a retreat in Mexico that I caught a glimpse of the person I could be if I allowed myself to spread my wings and soar. This spark ignited a passion in me to delve deep into my own well of wisdom and intuition, learning to trust it. This transformative journey revealed my true calling - to heal not only myself, but to support others on their healing path. In doing so, we fully embrace the concept of tikkun olam (repairing the world).


Drawing from over 25 years as an attorney, nonprofit executive and visual artist, I am dedicated  to empowering authentic leaders to effortlessly bring their visions to life and amplify their social impact. With a heart-centered and humanistic approach, I seamlessly integrate both masculine and feminine energies, along with strategy and spirituality to help you create sustainable success as you lead with purpose and mission-centered clarity.

My hope is that, along this journey, you'll discover fulfillment, freedom, and a profound sense of belonging. I'm honored to be by your side as you embrace your inner visionary and strive for a better world through healing, renewal, and expansion.


The nOMad Collective

““So happy I was able to relax and unwind in Belize with the world’s greatest yoga teacher! This beautiful retreat, located in Thatch Caye, was a perfect balance between relaxation and activity. Phoebe created a spacious itenery with the right balance between optional activities (like snorkeling) and yoga classes. The staff on this small, private island (with beautiful and simple accommodations) was able to accommodate my dietary allergies and a variety of guest’s preferences. I would highly recommend it for someone looking for fantastic yoga classes, a little extra non-yoga activities, and plenty of time reflect.””


The nOMad Collective
Kim Downey - Owner, Elevate Your Space

“I am so appreciative of Kim. I was feeling discouraged and overwhelmed in my business. Within a few hours Kim had me back to feeling focused, energized and excited for the future. She has a wonderful way of creating an environment that allows you to open up, dig deep and find solutions to propel you forward in life and business!”

Owner, Elevate Your Space

The nOMad Collective
Lori Beers - 300 hr grad 2017, Costa Rica retreat 2014

“I am so grateful to be a nOMad! Phoebe has been one of those teachers who's lessons stick with you long after the yoga class is over.I joined her on her first nOMad retreat to Costa Rica. This experience was so amazing. We had classes in the morning and at sunset, (occasionally on the beach watching the sun fall behind the ocean as we melted into our final savasana!). During our free time, we all stayed together and explored the area, taking horseback tours through the jungle, zip lines, national forests, and basically just enjoying the sunshine, fresh fruit (the mangos!!), atmosphere and relaxation. ”

300 hr grad 2017, Costa Rica retreat 2014

The nOMad Collective
Dorothy Rosen,  - Co-founder, Women Belong

“Kim is a heart-centered, mission-driven leader. Her insights are always on target and have enabled me to shape my path in a meaningful way. She is approachable, open and thoughtful. This is a woman who makes a difference. ”

Co-founder, Women Belong

The nOMad Collective
Jessica Bugbee - Bali retreat attendee Sept 2017 & March 2020 & nOMad Certified Teacher (200/300 hr 2018/2019)

“Words only partially cast light on the spiritual experience I embraced while in Bali with Phoebe and nOMad. Traveling across the world alone was a first for me, which presents a little anxiety, however, knowing that I would meet up with other nOMads (most of who I had not met) set me right at ease. From the first day through the last day, Embrace Ritual in Bali was an absolute heart-opening experience for me: correcting misalignment in my body from old scars - some of which I never knew I had, understanding the importance of setting intentions and letting go of expectations, learning the value of giving others space - to include myself, really truly listening to another person, understanding pain is temporary and the ability to forge a new storyline through the pain is possible, through sharing culture, prayer, and love a deeper human connection is possible. Along with these beautiful lessons, I learned laughter and relaxation are important rituals that keep me grounded in the healthy, loving, caring and capable woman that I want to project. One more gain was the unexpected gift of growing a deeper love and appreciation for my husband because of the unwavering support from him and the nonjudgmental support with nOMad. And, I must tell you all that I am still growing - almost 3 months later from this remarkable journey with nOMad Embrace Ritual in Bali. Thank you Phoebe, and thank you to the nOMad support.”

Bali retreat attendee Sept 2017 & March 2020 & nOMad Certified Teacher (200/300 hr 2018/2019)

The nOMad Collective
Mary Burton -  Assistant Professor -User Experience, Mount Mary University

“Working with Kim has been transformational. Her focus on learning and growth, with her command of a myriad of perspectives and experiences, has helped me to grow as a leader and as a person. Kim is my go-to coach and mentor for both professional and personal development.”

Assistant Professor -User Experience, Mount Mary University