Snug Hollow Holler, Kentucky

A luxury eco-tourist destination immersed in 300 acres of Appalachia in the foothills of Daniel Boone National Forest with babbling creeks, breathtaking views of wooded mountainside, abundant wildflowers, and wild life. Your heart will feel right at home when you step onto the property of Snug Hollow that has a vision/mission to give back to the land and community in such generous ways.

Expect restoration, relaxation, and some magic as you explore the vortexes and portals on the property that will open your mind, body, and soul. Take home inspiring memories and new insights that will always be with you.




4 comfortable and handcrafted cabins, 2 casitas, and a farmhouse that all can accommodate up to 30 people comfortably.

single, double, and multiple bed options available.

Some cabins include a private balcony and/or screened in porch


Gourmet farm-to-table vegetarian dining with fresh produce and local treats for every meal. Menu inspired by former owner/chef, Barbara Napier.

Communal spaces in main farmhouse and casista are available for group sessions/activities.


Delights on the property include walking trails, meadow labyrinth, vortexes, fire pit, organic garden/farm.

 Activities within a short drive include hiking, kayaking, rock climbing. Cumberland Falls and Berea, the Arts capital of the state, are both within a 40 minute drive.


Additional Details

  • Private Balcony Options
  • Private Kitchen
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fans
  • Bathtub Options
  • Screened In Porches
  • Vegan/Vegetarian ONLY
  • Additional Communal Spaces
  • Hiking Trails
  • Walking Path
  • Labyrinth
  • Meditation Space 

At nOMad, we love the cozy cabins and the magical land  but mainly we can't get enough of Snug Hollow because of the people and their vision.

Meet Ryan and Will, the new owners of Snug Hollow, a renowned B&B, which was previous owned by chef and author of Hot Food & Warm Memories, Barbara Napier. Ryan and Will are taking Snug Hollow to greater heights with their vision of offering unforgettable retreats and giving back to their community and the land.

We LOVE how they bring all of their previous professional and personal experiences to Snug Hollow not only by offering amazing hospitality, but their experiences in the non-profit sector by developing a non-profit that benefits local community members who are in recovery to give them work and a purpose to be part of the Snug Hollow community to grow together.

Their deep love and honor of the Shaawana/Shawnee people (the ancient protectors of the land) and the teaching of Don Migel Ruiz have also played very important roles in the experience they create for their guests. Get ready to be immersed in the powerful vortexes/portals on the property that will take you to new realms on the land and within your soul.

  • The nOMad Collective

    “Snug Hollow is truly heaven on earth and the stewardship of the land and continuing the Snug Hollow legacy is our way of BEING. We know the land will truly steward you, as it does every day, to true reciprocity-based magical connection.”

    Owners of Snug Hollow

Take a Moment Meditate at Snug Hollow





Activate Your Divine Oneness Retreat

MAY 2-5, 2024

with Hannah Jenks

Enjoy the rest and relaxation while tapping back into your Divine nature through sacred geometry.


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What People Are Saying About Snug Hollow

The nOMad Collective

I am afraid any words we have don't quite do this place justice. I do know however, that if this were the only place we only visited from this point forward, that would be fine with me. Simply amazing and exactly what the soul needs.

The nOMad Collective

Snug Hollow is a magical place that I have returned to many times for the past 10 years! It is peaceful for your soul, yet stimulating to your senses and satisfies your taste buds! Details like fresh flowers and plants throughout, books and hand made pottery.
There are trails to hike, wildflowers to admire and of course wild life.
I promise that once you go, you will return!

The nOMad Collective

This hidden gem is a delightful retreat from the pressures and noise of modern life. Cozy and comfortable cabins, peaceful and lush surroundings, and gourmet food. Spend a night or two (or more) here, and you will leave rested and restored.This hidden gem is a delightful retreat from the pressures and noise of modern life. Cozy and comfortable cabins, peaceful and lush surroundings, and gourmet food. Spend a night or two (or more) here, and you will leave rested and restored.







when booking your retreat at Snug Hollow:
  • Currently, there are six separate spaces with 20 beds (variety of twin, queen, and king). After the new retreat space is built by February 1, 2024, there will be nine spaces with 35 beds available (variety of twin, queen, and king).
  • There is a minimum of 10 people for retreat groups required.
  • Distance from cities and transportation: Lexington, KY 1 hour, Louisville, KY and Cincinnati, OH 2 hours