integrated heart-centered leadership

IS what you have been waiting for

Discover how to give yourself permission to create safe, creative, purposeful, INCLUSIVE, and thriving spaces for yourself and the people you lead


Our Embodied Leaders

healing. arts. spirituality. business. military. mental wellness.

nancy colier

Psychotherapist, Interfaith Minister, & Author

Alexander John shaia

Author, Anthropologist, Jungian Psychologist, & Spiritual Director

Cordelia Gaffar

Transformational Coach, Podcast Host, & Author

Michelle Vandepas

 Co-Founder of GracePoint Publishing, Author, TEDx speaker

Camille L. Miller 

Pioneer of the Soul Professional movement & Chief Visionary of the Natural Life Business Partnership

Angell Deer

Medicine Man, Teacher, Speaker, & Owner of The Sanctuary

Dante Puleio

Artistic Director of Limón Dance Company

stephanie james

Psychotherapist, Transformation Coach, Speaker, Author, & Filmmaker

crystal anne compton

Spiritual teacher, Intuitive Channel, & Founder of The Lightshine Lab

David lionheart

Artist, Producer, Author & Philanthropist, Founder of Play for Your Freedom

Stephanie Bonte-Lebair

Singer/Vocal Coach, Presentation & Sales Trainer, Founder of Empowered Business Network

Elyse McGillem & Gina Starbuck

Energetic Alchemists & founders of Awake & Soulful

Jenn Pilotti

Movement & Mindfulness Teacher, Coach, & Mentor

hollis citron

Creativity Doula

Elizabeth Dare Andes

Healer, Embodied Leadership Coach, & Somatic Pioneer 

Amy gatzemeyer

TRIBE Co-founder, 500-hr nOMad Yoga Teacher

annie Sempill

Contemplative, Activist,  & Executive Director of Quadratos LLC

Bill kupchin

Retired Veteran, Critical Incident Stress Counselor,  Personal Trainer, nOMad/TRIBE Yoga Teacher, & Health & Wellness Coach

Dr.Ryan Joseph Allen

Bestselling Author, Transformational & Spiritual Coach, & Social Scientist 

Kim romain

Business & Life Strategist, Non-Profit Executive, & Artist

Meet Your Host, Phoebe Leona

I have always known that being a great leader has to start with the person who is leading first before his/her vision can be materialized and the people follow their vision. We are at a crossroads now where the old ways of leadership are crumbling, which can feel like chaos and uncertainty but this can actually be a very good thing IF we truly create a new paradigm that it is embodied.

These conversations, resources, and practices we share here will transform lives and be the ripple of effect of change we have been waiting for.

We will share practices and tips on how to create a new world by becoming the change, ways to take care of ourselves, and how to nurture our visions so that they are authentic and from the heart with serving people first.

If you have been struggling in survival mode living and leading in the old paradigm and ready to lead the change you want to see for our world, then answer this call now.

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