Our collective mission is to share transformational experiences to become more embodied, empowereD, and to explore the world with an open heart so that you can become the person you are meant to be.


  • Access to transformational programs to move at your own pace
  • Connections with Guides who can offer you a variety of embodiment practices for your personal journey.C
  • Powerful programs and live sessions that inspire you to step into your magic in creating the life you want.
  • Welcoming global community with like-minded individuals that are ready to walk along this path with you.
  • Special exclusive events with nOMad founder, Phoebe Leona that will take you deeper on your path to fully live your life with JOY!


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nOMad has been a thriving community for over 7 years and find joy in creating new ways for you to stay connected within yourself and our world as we make sense of the great shift of changes we all are experiencing together.

We are excited to invite you to the nOMad Collective Membership Program that offers online events and transformational programs to keep you motivated, curious, inspired, energized, and calm within the safe container of our community. Feel supported by friends, colleagues, teachers, and all around joyful healers & seekers that can’t wait for you to be here.


Pricing Membership Options

Pick the price option that best fits your ways to support and receive:

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nOMad Supporter


per month


  • Ad free podcast episodes of The Space in Between
  • Monthly online community events


  • Exclusive invites to monthly online events
  • Private social networking group


nOMads who want to support our mission while feeling connected with a community.

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nomad seeker


per month


  • nOMad programs and events/series


  • Everything included as a Supporter
  • Access to our membership portal and special transformational programs offered by our Guides
  • Discounts on private sessions with our nOMad Guides


nOMads who want to receive transformative resources to guide them while supporting a community that helps them thrive.

nomad scholar


per month


  • All nOMad programs and events/series
  • Causes we believe in (each month we will announce a cause that we will donate to that is aligned with our mission)


  • Everything included as a  Seeker Membership
  • Discounts on in-person retreats (up to $500 off for annual members)
  • Free & discounts on exclusive Self Guided Online Programs & Special Monthly Series


nOMads who want to travel the world, study their own inner world with the connection of community while supporting causes the believe in.


One Signed Copy of Dear Radiant One

Receive a signed copy by Phoebe Leona with a personal message for you or a Radiant loved one.
(Value $35. Included with your purchase)

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Bonus #2
FREE Welcome Consultation Call with Phoebe

Get your own personal roadmap to The nOMad Collective Membership when you sit down privately with Phoebe. During your consultation, learn about all the perks and how you can benefit with your own personal path laid out for you.

(Value $75. Included with your purchase)

Meet Our nOMad Guides

Our nOMad Guides offers monthly offerings that touch on a wide range of topics such as movement classes, health & wellness workshops, and spirituality & philosophy circles.

Amy SOucy

Women's Wellbeing Circles

Koko Fisch

Group Healing / BodyTalk

Mike millios

Spirituality & Philosophy

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Are You Already A Guide?

Join our guides program!

Our nOMad Guides program is a space for teachers, facilitators, and healers to fill their cup so they could show up for their communities and share their medicine. 

Does this sound like you? Learn more below! 


Meet Our nOMad Teachers & Facilitators

Our nOMad Teachers & Mvt109 Facilitators offer monthly movement classes bringing their own unique voices and perspectives so you can feel embodied on and off the mat.

Amy Gatzemeyer

500-hr nOMad Teacher

Bill Kupchin   

200-hr nOMad Teacher & TRIBE Teacher

Lea Isidora Onayan

200-hr nOMad Teacher & Mvt109 Facilitator

Learn More About Our Teachers & Facilitators

A Letter From Our nOMad Collective Founder, Phoebe Leona

Hello dear friend,

Are you in search of belonging?

Do you need guidance and support by a community of like-minded souls while on your path of transformation?

I am right here with you.

I struggled for so long feeling like I didn't belong anywhere or people just didn't see what I saw or understood who I really was. Then I found nOMad for all of us. 

The nOMad Collective is the place for you. 

Our collective global community is dedicated to supporting you & offering you high quality classes/sessions so that you can create a deeper connection within yourself & embody a life full of greater possibilities. 

We will be your guide.

With a lifetime of experiences, our nOMad Collective Guides are yoga/meditation teachers, wellness/life/soul coaches, somatic/movement facilitators, transformational guides, thought leaders, healers, authors, veterans, artists, singers, dancers, and co-creators.

We will walk this path together with our community of like-minded souls, who are excited to have you join this journey of great transformation so you can claim who you really are and celebrate that you belong.

Our mission is to offer you transformational experiences so you can live a more embodied and empowered life to do more of the things you love and become the person you are meant to be.

Your experiences at The nOMad Collective will take you from...

Confusion to curiosity,

Self doubt to Self confidence

Uncertainty to possibility,

Confined by time, space, and obligations to a life of freedom.

I hope you will join us. We have a lot of fun doing this work and we would love to co-create with you soon.

Check back here soon to meet more of our nOMad Guides & Teachers who will lead the way.

With grace,

Phoebe Leona

founder of The nOMad Collective