This is your invitation into...

the sacred pause to explore, transform, and connect. 

Our nOMad Collective Membership offers you in-person transformational experiences and online programs so that you can become more embodied, empowered, and explore the world with an open heart with companions to walk alongside you.   


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Why You Want to become a Member Now:

  • You want to have abundant resources of practices and tools to help you get unstuck from old habits, relationships, and situations that no longer want to engage with.
  • You want to have a place to go to calm the chaos.
  • You want to finally feel connected with a community from around the world that shares your values, stories, and dreams.
  • You want to travel the world and save money.
  • You want to remember again who you are, what you want, and that you deserve what you desire.
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nOMad has been a thriving community for over 8 years and we find joy in creating new ways for you to stay connected within yourself and our world as we make sense of the great shift of changes we all are experiencing together.

We are excited to invite you to the nOMad Collective Membership Program that offers online events and transformational programs to keep you motivated, curious, inspired, energized, and calm within the safe container of our community. Feel supported by friends, colleagues, teachers, and all around joyful healers & seekers that can’t wait for you to be here.




For ONLY $44/mo or $444/yr You Receive:

  • Full access to online programs from Phoebe and our nOMad Guides (including yoga, meditations, yoga philosophy, and specially designed programs to calm your nervous system). 
  • Weekly Mvt109™ Ceremony (Live virtual sessions)
  • Intentional Gatherings (live virtual sessions)
  • Weekly Embodiment Practices.
  • Special Member discount on nOMad retreats. 
  • Discounts on "What to Pack" nOMad merchandise
  • Discounts on nOMad programs/trainings. 
  • BONUS!!! FREE signed copy of Dear Radiant One! 
  • BONUS! FREE 30 minute consult with Phoebe to get your own special nOMad Roadmap to a more balanced and embodied life!
All valued over $700 per year!


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Bonus #1

One Signed Copy Of Dear Radiant One

Receive a signed copy by Phoebe Leona with a personal message for you or a Radiant loved one.

(Value $35 included with your purchase)

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Bonus #2

Free Welcome Consultation Call with Phoebe

Get your own personal roadmap to The nOMad Collective Membership with you sit down privately with Phoebe. During your consultation, learn about all the perks and how you can benefit with your own personal path laid out for you so that you know exactly what to do to get the most out of your nOMad experience to live a more balanced, healthy, and embodied life.

(Value $75 included with your purchase)

Meet our nOMad Founder, Phoebe Leona

Hello dear one,

Are you in search of place and community where you have permission to slow down, connect more deeply, and remember what you most desire and want to create in your life?

Do you want to learn practices that will guide you through your own transformation, help your regulate your nervous system, feel safe, free, and more aligned to receive opportunities to open the door to a new paradigm within you?

I am right here with you.

I struggled for so long to figure out with that question, "What do you want?" I saw everything was an obstacle and didn't see all the possibilities that were waiting for me to claim...because I felt confused, overwhelmed, and did not feel safe enough to ask forr what I wanted most.

Then I found nOMad. Or, nOMad found me. ;)

The nOMad Collective is the place for you. 

We walk this path to learn, ask questions, change our old paradigm of patterns, and allow ourselves to transform from the inside out and celebrate the fullest expression of life and connection.

Our mission is to offer you transformational experiences so you can live a more embodied and empowered life with more joy, gratitude, confidence, and connection.

Your experiences at The nOMad Collective will shift you from...

Confusion to curiosity,

Self doubt to Self confidence,

Fear of Uncertainty to excited about possibility,

Confined by time, space, money, and obligations to a life of freedom.

I hope you will join us. We have a lot of fun doing this work and we would love to co-create with you soon.

With love,

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Are You Already A Guide?

Join our guides program!

Our nOMad Guides program is a space for teachers, facilitators, and healers to fill their cup so they could show up for their communities and share their medicine. 

Does this sound like you? Learn more below!