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Lea Isidora Onayan

Community Manager

In addition to being a nOMad yoga teacher & Mvt109 Facilitator, Lea is the nOMad Community Manager and Virtual Assistant. With her experience of being what she calls a "heart-led" business and working behind the scenes for other similar businesses, she understands both the joys of sharing your gifts with the world and knowing the challenge of administrative tasks to keep it going. In 2022, Lea founded The Mindful VA to provide solutions for heart- led businesses so individuals and teams can do what they do best - share their medicine and missions with the world. She hopes to bring the same care and passion in her various roles within The nOMad Collective. 

Looking to be mindful in your practice and in your business? Email Lea at

nOMad Web About Page

Annette Szproch

Community Builder

Annette Maria is a Somatic Soul Guide,Founder of Sanctuary Publishing,  Author & Insight Timer Teacher. Through her work she activates individuals into becoming leaders in their lives harnessing the intelligence of the body, mind & soul. She is an advocate for everybody learning how to listen to their inner truth & feeling invigorated to live it out! . Annette’s vision is to see the planet as a place that supports each individual in feeling wildly expressed while living out their soul’s purpose.




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