STEP into a transformative JOURNEY TO CLAIM YOUR POWER





AND create community where ever you go


Do you love to guide, heal, and transform our world as you travel and discover it for yourself? 

Do you want to feel successful in guiding others to live their best lives while you do too?

Our nOMad Path program provides opportunities to support and transform you while you do what you love and live out your purpose with joy, freedom, and abundance. 




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Join the nOMad Path if you are...

  • Just surviving to serve others and are ready to thrive while transforming lives.
  • Feel alone on your journey of healing.
  • Seeking a community to share your heart-centered work with.
  • Experiencing burn-out from doing it all alone and desire support and/or co-creators. 
  • Tired of spinning your wheels from doing things the old way.
  • A teacher, facilitator, healer, coach, or seeker who needs a space to deepen your personal practice, learn new resources, and make new connections so you can eneregtically show up to serve your world.

Your Calls to Adventure...

to Prepare You Holistically as a Soul-Preneur

You are invited into many journeys simultaneously on the nomad path...

  • JOURNEY ONE. The path of structure and form to expand your business will be provided each month with new business skills to implement into your work to uplevel what you do, your services, and who you serve wherever you are in the world.
  • JOURNEY TWO. Step onto the Hero's Journey as you travel through the elements to claim your voice and new skills. Experience your outer journey and discover how you want to be seen and acknowledged to make the biggest impact in the world with ease and empowerment.
  • JOURNEY THREE. Enter into the inner Heroine's Journey to realize your hidden gems within in as you travel the four directions that will be led by your inner compass to fully become who you are meant to be as healing artist and thought leader for this world so you can lead authentically and effectively.
  •  Along all these paths, walk alongside companions, fellow soul-preneurs on the adventure that will guide you to your embodiment and empowerment as a healer, facilitator, coach, or guide so you feel confident and supported every step you take. You are no longer alone.

Read on to learn more about each path you will walk on during your 4-month quest.

A 4-Month Journey of Guided Transformation that includes all these practices and tools:

  • Bite-sized monthly videos and PLAYbook to take you deeper into embodying the elements (see below) on the Hero's Journey and embrace your authentic voice as a healing and transformative entrepreneur.
  • Your unique Sand Painting journey (see below) that will allow you to travel the Heroine's Journey through the directions at your own pace to discover your obstacles and shadows so you can clear your path to inner radiant success. You are gifted your unique oracle card reading to guide on your 4-month path.
  • Monthly Community Support Calls (4 total) held by Phoebe to provide a safe space to unpack your blocks and resistances (see below)  so that you can step across the threshold into a new prosperous frontier while feeling seen, heard, and felt in your community.
  • Monthly Mastermind (4 total) Calls, bitesized videos and PDFs led by Phoebe to learn new business skills (see below) that will uplevel your work and business so you feel more confident in the services you provide and make a bigger impact on the lives you guide.


The Skills You Will Learn To Make the Biggest Impact

Each month learn a new skill and system to implement to fully serve and feel confidently successful.

Have access to the portal full of resources like videos and PDFs to guide you to gain clarity and new skills while you expand your refine and/or your services without feeling overwhelmed.

Monthly mastermind Sessions are 2nd Monday of the Month at 5pm EDT

OR 4th Wednesday of the month at 9am EDT

the power of your Words

Month One. How & Where to Share Your Message

No more shouting out into the void!  Discover the best place to be for your clients to find you.  We will take a look at all the different platforms beyond the typical social media and discover where your voice needs to be heard and how to to grow your mailing list organically and nurture your community.

Platforms you will explore beyond social media: InsightTimer, Medium/Substack (blogging sites), Audible, and more.

Along with...

How to get featured as a podcast guest or start your own podcast

Other avenues of public speaking and media

And the steps to writing your own book!

co-creative marketing

Month Two Support Others to Expand Your Network.

Explore the many ways we can work together to support  fellow facilitators growth while also thriving by working in abundance of sharing and supporting each other's  growth with creative lead gen strategies.


Ways you will explore:

How to build co-creative events to promote yourself and fellow thought leaders of our changing world.

How to build a sacred economy by cross promotions and referral systems that will benefit all and flow more prosperously for you, your business (lead gen), and community.

alchemy of experiences

Month Three Build Unique Transformational Experiences that Change Lives.

Explore your own unique gifts and voice that can translate across all different audiences to make the biggest impact. for both in-person and virtual events.

What you will learn to create:

How to take your "woo" into the corporate setting

How to tap into your unique gifts and monetize them without selling out.

Learn when it is time to onboard a production team so you can shine and make the biggest impact in your clients lives.

How to create transformative in-person experiences for your ideal audience. 

build a retreat

Month Four. Take Your Clients Abroad.

Learn all the steps of building a successful retreat from start of the idea to full execution so that your clients have a transformative experience that will change their lives and you make a lucrative income.

What you will learn:

How to find the right location and theme for you and your guests.

How to price your retreat and handle expenses, payments, and make a profit.

How to create a program that flows freely that feels safe and expansive for you and your guests.

How to set healthy boundaries. for everyone and create a unique experience at  your destination.




Call to the adventure.

Burn away the old beliefs that have been holding you back from shining your hidden gems that will light up our world.

Discover your unconscious survival habits that have been self-sabotaging your success.

Uncover the hidden habits like procrastination, doing too much and over committing, making choices from a place of scarcity, and more.

air element

Removal of obstacles.

Learn new ways to express your truth so you can be a more effective leader in your world.

Release the guilt of the "shoulds" of being a successful soul-prenreur so you can speak into your truth in your most authentic and unapologetic voice to attract your tribe whether you travel to the world or build a local community.

earth element

Ground down in your journey.

With clear intentions and embodied voice, plan to take actionable and tangible steps that bring you closer to your dreams of publishing your book, hosting a retreat, starting a podcast, or whatever it is that will elevate your voice so you claim your space in this world and feel you are making the biggest impact without overwhelm or burnout.

water element

Flow back into service.

Surrender to the flow of your vision and receive the gifts that are coming to you with your new powerful alignment.

Trust that you deserve to be seen, heard, and felt as a healing artist and thought leader that can receive the flow of abundance of opportunities, clients, money, success, freedom to travel,  or whatever your heart's desires.



As you travel along the Hero's Journey, there will be a secret inner path unfolding within that is yours to claim as your own Heroine's Journey. Before you set out, you will receive directions, a special oracle card reading, and guidance by Phoebe to prepare for your path within.

  • South- What is ready to be shed

    waits for you to take that next step to release those old wounds that made you the wounded healer and release the passivity of the victim roles of your wounded feminine.
  • West- What stories are ready to die

    that kept telling you to fight for and hustle for what you deserve in order to succeed. Let these wounded masculine energies die once and for all. Release these old stories and begin to write a new one that will begin to allow you to trust the abundant flow of opportunities that are coming to you.
  • North- The wisdom within that will be revealed

    leads you to a new world of moving through life that is more balanced and integrated so you can call your power back and understand how your voice as a thought leader wants to be heard, seen, and felt to the people who need your medicine and wisdom.
  • East- The path of Becoming

    allows you to step into your fully authentic voice to be who you are meant to be for yourself and our world so you can boldly call your power back unapolegtically and be the change you want to be to transform our world.


*painting by David Lionheart, Her Respect. 

Monthly Community Support Calls

These calls will be a space for you to face what is coming up for you on your journeys.  

The first half of each session will be a guided meditation and/or movement (Mvt109™) practice to allow the energy to flow freely in your body.

The second half of the session will be a group mentoring led by Phoebe to reflect in our space any blocks that are coming up for you in your personal journey that might be effecting your professional journey.

Calls are generally 1st Wednesday of the Month at 11am EDT. See schedule when you sign up.


To do what you love every day and get to practice what you teach and wake up every morning with your own agenda,

To feel grounded and calm in your nervous system from trusting the abundant nature of your work.

To feel confident in your voice and knowing you are making a difference.

To connect with like-minded Guides who walk a similar path and support you on yours to help each other grow and expand.

To attract (not chase) the people who are looking for you and your wisdom and medicine without the hustle on social media platforms that don't feel aligned with your mission or voice.

To feel the power of your own healing and the human connection with others you guide that regenerates all of you.

If that feels good, then join us!


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Meet our nOMad Founder, Phoebe Leona

Hello Beautiful Guide,

I am so happy you landed here and you are considering joining us on this path as you  take the next steps to build, grow, and expand your services WITHOUT feeling overhwhelmed and under supported.

We want to guide YOU and the your work that you offer to the world! If you are ready to work in a co-creative space that will not only support you on your soul-preneur journey but also help you thrive in our nOMad community, then let's dive in together!

Over the last few years, I have dove into shamanic practices that helped me step into my power as a leader. I am excited to offer these to you now so you can dive deep into your inner work while expanding yourself as a soul-preneur journey. You will burn away the limiting beliefs that have held you back from your unlimited potential.

It's time for you to stop hiding from the people who are trying to find you and attract them to want to work with you whether you are in their local community or traveling the world. Have a sense of freedom of time, money, location, and space when you step onto this nOMad Path.

I have also had many opportunities on my career path that I want to share with you so you can apply new skills that can really uplevel what you are already doing for yourself and your clients/students.

Thank you for all that you do and bring to this world. I can't wait to see what else is possible for you and with you!

With love,

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What Is Waiting At Your Next Destination & Beyond For You!

Once you have completed this 4-Month nOMad Path, you will receive an invite into nOMad's Collective Guides Membership to make your visions become a reality.

Here are just a few opportunities waiting for you there:
  • Be featured on our global app network (launching in 2023)
  • Publish your book at nOMad Press with all the support you need by nOMad and GracePoint Publishing
  • Host your first transformational retreat on your own with the support of nOMad staff or as a nOMad retreat host.
  • Host your own podcast or co-host at nOMad's The Space in Between.
  • Be a guest speaker at nOMad's Virtual Summit to build your own email list and get your voice heard to a new following.
  • and more to be added to our list soon...

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Program & Event Graphics (800 × 800 px) (15)

Still Want To Learn More?

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  • Receive monthly bite-sized content videos and PDFs to embody the elements
  • Your personal oracle reading  for Sand Painting Journey
  • Monthly Community Support calls from September-December (4 total)
  • Monthly Mastermind Content Calls (4 total)
  • Become an Affiliate and share the abundance.
  • Ongoing support via Telegram chat


  • BONUS!! Access to nOMad Membership Portal and library for 4 months  that includes tons of more information from previous Guides sessions to uplevel your soul-preneur journey ($400 value)
  • BONUS!! Two 30 minute consults with Phoebe to get laser focused mentoring on your direct path ($200 Value)





  • Receive monthly bite-sized content videos and PDFs to embody the elements
  • Your personal oracle reading  for Sand Painting Journey
  • Monthly Community Support calls from September-December (4 total)
  • Monthly Mastermind Content Calls (4 total)
  • Become an Affiliate and share the abundance.
  • Ongoing support via Telegram chat