Learn how to create transformational experiences & retreats


so that you can take your wisdom and medicine around the world
and thrive confidently as an embodied leader

Our nOMad Retreat Path program provides opportunities to support and transform you while you do what you love and live out your purpose with joy, freedom, and abundance.



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Get nOMad's Retreat Path Program if you are...

  • Just surviving to serve others and are ready to thrive while transforming lives.
  • Feel alone on your journey of creating experiences for your following.
  • Feeling scattered and not sure how all of what you do connects for others to understand.
  • Experiencing burn-out from doing it all alone and desire support and/or co-creators. 
  • Tired of spinning your wheels from doing things the old way or all the ways.

Your Call to Adventure...

 the nomad path program


Each module walks you through step-by-step to a new skill and system to implement so that you create a successful and profitable retreat.

You also have access to resources like videos, podcasts, and PDFs to guide you to gain clarity and new skills while you expand your refine and/or your services without feeling overwhelmed.


Module 1. Ideas, Research, and Power of Your Voice.

Envision and plan your own transformational experience by getting clear on the who, what, where, when, and the most important, WHY you want to create a transformational retreat.

BONUS CONTENT. Marketing Yourself. Where do you need to NOW be to get to where you want to be as a leader. Take a look at alternative social platforms so you can implement one or more of these platforms that are aligned with your vision. Learn, play, set a plan, start to execute a plan to magnetize your potential retreat participants,


Module 2. Plans to Action & Co-Creative Marketing.

Dive more into the retreat/experience planning by designing your retreat landing page and your messaging, learn how to price your retreat so it is profitable. Get all the resources you need so you feel organized.

BONUS CONTENT. Co-Creative Marketing. Explore more ways to market yourself in a co-creative way that helps you feel like you are not alone.


 Module 3: Booking Guests & Selling Out

Get all the agreement templates and learn the best practices to execute a successful retreat so you can sell out your retreat with confidence and ease. Templates include: Guest Booking spreadsheet, Information & Welcome Packages, Itinerary, and everything you need to know about insurance and permits.

BONUS CONTENT. Freebies & Specials. Explore ways to promote your retreat along the way with running specials and freebies so you make sure your rooms are fully booked.


Module 4: Before, During, and After the Retreat.

Integrate all the practices and tools so that you can allow yourself to flow with ease while you move into the facilitation phase of your retreat. Explore ways to get your participants more engaged before, during, and after your retreat so they receive the full transformational experience.

BONUS CONTENT. Holding Spaces for Others and Yourself. Learn ways to find balance in playing multiple roles during your retreat so you can handle issues like a pro.



 a four elemental path of HEALING for the SOUL-PRENEUR


Call to the adventure.

Burn away the old beliefs that have been holding you back from shining your hidden gems that will light up our world.

Discover your unconscious survival habits that have been self-sabotaging your success.

Uncover the hidden habits like procrastination, doing too much and over committing, making choices from a place of scarcity, and more.

air element

Removal of obstacles.

Learn new ways to express your truth so you can be a more effective leader in your world.

Release the guilt of the "shoulds" of being a successful soul-prenreur so you can speak into your truth in your most authentic and unapologetic voice to attract your tribe whether you travel to the world or build a local community.

earth element

Ground down in your journey.

With clear intentions and embodied voice, plan to take actionable and tangible steps that bring you closer to your dreams of publishing your book, hosting a retreat, starting a podcast, or whatever it is that will elevate your voice so you claim your space in this world and feel you are making the biggest impact without overwhelm or burnout.

water element

Flow back into service.

Surrender to the flow of your vision and receive the gifts that are coming to you with your new powerful alignment.

Trust that you deserve to be seen, heard, and felt as a healing artist and thought leader that can receive the flow of abundance of opportunities, clients, money, success, freedom to travel,  or whatever your heart's desires.


To do what you love and get to travel the world and wake up every morning with your own agenda,

To feel grounded and calm in your nervous system from trusting the abundant nature of your work.

To feel confident in your voice and knowing you are making a difference in people's lives.

To see abundance of money in your account after leading a successful retreat

To attract (not chase) the people who are looking for you and your wisdom and medicine without the hustle on social media platforms that don't feel aligned with your mission or voice.

To feel the power of your own healing and the human connection with others you guide that regenerates all of you.

If that feels good, then join us!


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Our Guarantee.

A Note from nOMad Founder, Phoebe Leona

Hello Beautiful Leader,

I am so happy you landed here and you want to take the next steps to build, grow, and expand your services by offering retreats WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed.

It's time for you for you to step into thee role as a retreat leader with confidence and I am here to walk you through each step so you have a sense of freedom of time, money, location, and energy when you step onto this nOMad Path.

I will also share with you the skills I have learned on my soul-preneur path of 20+ years so you can apply them to uplevel what you are already doing for yourself and your clients/students beyond retreats.

Thank you for all that you do and bring to this world. I can't wait to see what else is possible for you and with you!

If after taking this program after 4 months, you do not feel you can lead a retreat with confidence by from completing this program for any reason, I am happy to refund your money.

With love,

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The nOMad Path Program


one time payment


Valued at $877 and less than the cost of one retreat participant! 

  • Receive 4 modules of step-by-step bite-sized content videos, podcasts, and PDFs to plan your next retreat.
  • BONUS! Inner Journey Program to walk you through the 4 elements as an entrepreneur to overcome your fears and remove blocks. 


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