Yoga & Meditation


Yoga has been the backbone of nOMad since the beginning. We offer alignment based practices that will challenge you while keeping you safe and take you into a deeper sense of awareness of your body. Whether you are looking for a more advanced asana practice, something more beginning, restorative, meditative, or a bit outside of the asana box, we have something to fit your needs. Try one program or try them all, we are confident you will have a positive and supportive experience.

All of nOMad Teachers are graduates of nOMad’s 500 or 300 hour Teacher Training Program led by Phoebe Leona and also have extensive & diverse backgrounds of study and experience as teachers. We take great pride in our work and how we are here to serve others through the practice of yoga.

Enjoy some practices below. We have lots more over at our Teachable Programs. You can register for any or all of them as you follow the links below.


Thank you for trusting us with your practice,

Phoebe Leona & The nOMad Teacher Collective



Twists can be very beneficial for the organs to detox and get things moving internally. They are also wonderful heat builders, so it doesn’t take much to get a good sweat going even on the colder days! This flow will leave you feel recharged & reinvigorated! Let’s begin!

Level 2 Flow & Twist Sequence: 21 min. Props: Two blocks or stack of books.

Phoebe offers practices accessible to all levels as well as tutorials. & meditations Follow the link below for more ways to practice with her.


This is a short, mobility focused asana practice. For athletes, this is perfect to do as a warm-up before a work-out or a short sequence on recovery days. For everyone, it is great to incorporate into a regular yoga practice to strengthen and bring awareness to joints mobility and flexibility and strength of all major muscle groups.

Warm-Up for Athletes and All Levels. 15min. No props

Amy’s practices integrate functional movement with asana.

Check back soon for a full program with Amy.


Join Erin as she guides you through a short chair yoga sequence to lengthen and awaken the full body to help you be ready for the day.

Chair Yoga (Does not stays seated. Standing and ground moments)

24 mins. Props: Chair and blanket.

Erin teaches a Chair Yoga series that is easily accessible for all levels.

Come back soon for more practices with Erin. For now, see what other programs we offer.


There are many ways to this practice and perhaps you didn’t even know you were already doing it!

So let’s begin and see how maybe you already are an expert of meditation.

12 min. Talk & Meditation

Phoebe offers more meditations at her Who Are You Becoming? 6-week program & coming soon, a meditation series (so keep coming back!)


Get access to more practices with Phoebe & all of our nOMad Teachers.