Trust Your Life, Despite Your Fears #2


Here is How You Will Transform...

This self paced program is guided by Phoebe Leona through bitesized wisdom in exclusive podcasts, movement practices, guided meditations, inquiry practices, and so much more...  


the stories that Fear is telling you that hold you back and become more empowered to move beyond Fear.


to the messages your intuition wants you trust through Mvt109™ groundwork, meditations, and inquiry.


a new story of what you want to create for the new prosperous life that is waiting for you and wants you to claim your own! 


live your best life more authentically as you become your own Pioneer of life with endless possibilities that are waiting for you to claim as your reality! 


For a limited time only $47! (valued at $197)

  • 5 Podcast episodes under 15 minutes each to prepare you for each leg of your journey.
    • Why You Need to Make Friends with Fear
    • The Gates of Fear that hold you back
    • Building Trust in your Root Chakra
    • How You are the Pioneer of Your Life
    • Trust Your Prosperous Life that is Unfolding for You 
  • A 15-minute movement (Mvt109™) practice to ground you and prepare your body to trust your intuition again.
  • A curated playlist to get your energy flowing to move more abundantly.
  • 2 guided meditations that will help you make friends with Fear so you can lean into Trust.
  • Embodiment & Self Discovery Practices to guide you more deeply on your own authentic path. 
  • Awareness into Action lesson to give you a practical way to integrate your new discoveries into your life. 
  • Lifetime access (which includes any bonuses added over time)
  • All the time you need to dive into this experience that aligns with your schedule.
  • An all encompassing & transformational program that will give you more energy to do the things you want. 
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Phoebe is a teacher and transformational guide who helps people become embodied through somatic, movement, and expanded awareness practices so they can feel more empowered in who they are, who they are becoming, and have a greater sense of belonging.

She has been a teacher and mentor for most of her life through yoga, dance, & self development but it was after a year of great loss in 2013 when she found herself in the vast open space in between her old life and the new frontier, that she really dove deeply into her practices and began her company, nOMad to help others through their own transitions and spaces in between. Throughout that time, Phoebe also developed her own movement/somatic practice, Mvt109™ for her students to fully embrace the freedom of moving in their bodies, transform old & held patterns, and reclaim the vibrations & stories they want to bring to life. Phoebe also finds much joy in sharing her story to help others in their own healing  through her TEDx Talk, her podcast The Space in Between,  her new book, Caged No More, a multi-author book, and her upcoming solo book by GracePoint Publishing that will be released later this year.