Welcome home.

 With over 10 years of hosting and curating retreats all over the world, we bring our expertise in hospitality, organization, wellness, transformation, joy, and love into the work of making your dream retreat experience come true.  

Whether you are a retreat leader or property owner who wants to partner with us, or are a retreat seeker, The nOMad Collective is a  journey you can call home.

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We believe in simplicity and authenticity when it comes to finding the right retreat experience. From the moment you step onto this path of discovering your dream retreat, we want you to feel at peace knowing you found the right fit and that everything is taken care for you. Just book your flight, pack your bags, and know you are destined for a transformational experience that will make your dreams come true.

nOMad is also a community of retreat leaders and properties that we work with personally and are proud to be aligned with. We build partnerships that are easy to know, like, and trust when you know our nOMad brand, you know you are in very good hands. 


Discover our property partners in magical destinations around the world and book your next retreat with them.



Explore our upcoming retreats with nOMad affiliated retreat leaders that will transform you and for your life in the best way possible.



Create your own retreat with us. Learn how we can support your next sold out retreat with ease and confidence inside our community.


  • The nOMad Collective

    “The Embrace Ritual retreat in Bali was an opportunity to relax, recharge and reconnect with myself. It was an amazing experience in a magical place that allowed me to reflect on where I was and where I wanted to be, both in life and in yoga ”

    Embrace Ritual Retreat to Bali Sept 2018

  • The nOMad Collective

    With the open road as my home and traveling not being a dream but my everyday life, nOMad is a way for me to still be a part of something familiar. It’s perfect because it allows me to stay connected even though sometimes I am far away. I love being able to log onto the website and practice with one of my teachers from back home. It makes me feel like they are with me everywhere I go.”

    Bali retreat 2017 & Online Studio Member

  • The nOMad Collective

    “THE GROUP HAS OFFERED SUCH A SAFE SPACE TO BE VULNERABLE AND FEEL HEARD. I've made some powerful connections with everyone. Holding space for others makes me feel empowered and helpful. If you're curious, or feel resistance, I urge you to just step forward and trust the process. I truly believe that you will grow, and take with you memories that will help you improve your life.”

    Who Are We Becoming participant 2020

  • The nOMad Collective

    “IT IS NOT AT ALL UNCOMMON FOR ME TO HAVE EPIPHANIES DURING A NOMAD TALK . These tools allow me to decipher what is serving me, what is not, and what I can do to expand in an increasingly positive direction, improving my overall quality of life.”

    Online Studio member

Meet nOMad Founder: Phoebe Leona

WELCOME! As the founder of nOMad, I find great joy in giving people the keys to a whole new world through travel and I am passionate about supporting and empowering new leaders to step into the space of leading retreats for their communities.

As a Yoga teacher (500 ERYT/YACEP) and Embodiment Guide/Leader, I have taught somatic/movement practices for over 20 years and bring this along with knowledge from my diverse studies with master teachers and the wisdom from my life experiences and healing journey.  I developed the somatic practice/movement ceremony, Mvt109™ and I incorporate it into all of my retreats.

Thank you for being here and enjoy your journey at nOMad!

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Phoebe Leona