"We Are Here To Walk Each Other Home"

- Ram Dass


Our nOMadic journey began in Costa Rica during a period of great transformation. The original intention was to bring you around the world by offering yoga retreats to places that felt like a home away from home, so traveling felt safe, yet expansive for those who were curious to roam but had their own obstacles to overcome. That intention has now taken on a whole new meaning for all of us this past year.

Since that first vision, it as evolved into so much more. It has transformed into other ways of connecting and exploring within through the practices of yoga, meditation, awareness practices, self inquiry, self care, and self reflection. We have done this through 200 hr/300hr yoga teacher training programs, community events, our online studio, The Space in Between podcast and my Mvt109™ movement practice, in addition to numerous retreats. We were first based in the Hudson Valley of New York, and we are now global since we have moved all of our services online so we can reach you, wherever you call home.

Although the offerings have expanded, the essence of my vision for nOMad is the same; to bring us all together through new experiences, whether online or around the world, in a way that feels safe, expansive, joyful, and connected within to go beyond.

I hope you enjoy your time here in nOMadland. I am grateful to have you here, so we can continue to walk each other home.

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1. Simplicity & Authenticity are encouraged and celebrated when it comes to connecting with others. We do not need to overcomplicate things to be true to our WHY. When aligning with our personal and collective visions, ask yourself, “Is this necessary?” and everything else not in alignment is able to fall away.

2. Conscious Communication in Community are the keys to feeling Seen, Heard, and Understood to respect and value each person in the circle whether it be a partner, teacher, student,  or participant.

3. Awareness is the transformation. How you do anything is how you do everything and the more we are aware of this we can take ownership of our lives.

4. Integrity and honor of our purpose allows us to focus on quality over quantity. We are not here to play the numbers game to label our success. We provide quality experiences that will change people’s lives for the better in all aspects and roles at nOMad. Numbers are valuable tools to give us goals, direction, and information but do not get in the way of the experience we are here to provide.

5. Ownership is Leadership. As leaders, when we hold ourselves accountable for the choices we make, we inspire the people we guide to do the same out of unwavering respect for who we want to become.


nOMad Creates transformational experiences within and around the world so that each person has a greater sense of belonging and purpose to live with more joy, gratitude, confidence, and connection. 


We believe in simplicity and authenticity when it comes to finding the right retreat experience. From the moment you step onto this path of discovering your dream retreat, we want you to feel at peace knowing you found the right fit and that everything is taken care of for you. Just book your flight, pack your bags, and know you are destined for a transformational experience that will make your dreams come true.

nOMad is also a community of retreat leaders and properties that we work with personally and are proud to be aligned with. We build partnerships that are easy to know, like, and trust when you know our nOMad brand, you know you are in very good hands. 

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