Creating a private event or retreat has never been so easy!

If you are someone looking to create for a unique experience and a sacred space for your friends, family, community for spiritual transformation, healing, wellness, rest, and relaxation then you have arrived at the right place.

If you are a yoga teacher, healer, coach, leader who wants to host/co-host a transformational experience for your community, you are also in the right place.

With over 10 years of experience of curating and organizing our own nOMad transformational retreats around the world, we bring our expertise in hospitality, organization, joy, and love into the work of making your dream retreat experience come true.

Let's begin!

3 Key Ingredients To Curate A Private Event or Retreat 

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Are you celebrating or making a transition in your life and want to include your friends and family to witness and experience with you?

Do you have a community that you want to bring together for a specific transformational experience to have them explore a deeper version of themselves?

Some possible occasions:

  • Birthday
  • Wedding shower or intimate spiritual celebration
  • Annual retreat for your company or community

We will take care of all your desires and needs. Just bring your group and we will make sure your vision is well taken care of.


Where do you want to explore next? What kind of space do you want to have for your time of celebration?

We have established relationships with properties in the locations below and are actively expanding our network for you.

A few places we have been to so far:

  • Bali
  • Belize
  • Costa Rica (Osa & Nosara)
  • Nicaragua
  • Mexico (Yelapa & Yucatan)
  • Catskills (New York)

We will take care of all the details. Just tell us where you want to go.

Depending on property, we can accommodate groups of 5-25 people.

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3. Select An Offering.

What kind of vibe do you want to create? What activities do you want to include?

Curated offerings and modalities with our nOMad Guides:

  • Yoga
  • Ceremony (movement)
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • Writing
  • Somatic movement/Embodiment
  • Sound healing

Specialized destination activities:

  • Temple ceremony (Bali)
  • Waterfall hikes (Costa Rica)
  • Cenotes (Yucatan, Mexico)
  • Surfing (Nicaragua and Costa Rica)
  • Snorkeling in the coral reef (Belize)

We curate your itinerary to include local activities and excursions that are also unique to the destination. Inquire for more possibilities.


OR email to learn more and start curating a very unique experience for you and your group now.


Intention: Birthday Celebration

7-8am Morning movement/meditation session

8am Breakfast (specially made with local fresh foods)

9-12pm local excursion (ie. to temple) or beach day

12pm Lunch (specially made with local fresh foods)

1-3pm Siesta or Afternoon activity (ie surf lesson)

4-6pm Evening ceremony or movement session

7pm Dinner (specially made with local fresh foods)


Intention: How to Get Ready to Call in Love

7-8am Morning meditation session (with guest yoga teacher)

8am Breakfast (specially made with local fresh foods)

9-12pm Programmed session on Building Trust & Safety Within Yourself with retreat leaders

12pm Lunch (specially made with local fresh foods)

1-3pm Afternoon activity (ie surf lesson)  and opportunity for 1:1 sessions

4-6pm Evening ceremony or movement session (co-leaders)

7pm Dinner (specially made with local fresh foods)


We will meet you where you are at in the process of planning your retreat from Done-On-Your-Own Program, to Done-With-You Consulting, to Done-For-You Boutique Services so that YOU feel successful doing what you do best.


Learn from our nOMad Founder, Phoebe Leona in this step-by-step program that will walk you through the entire process of building your own retreat from the idea to the full execution of leading your community through the retreat of your dreams.


done-with-you consulting

Want to walk the path as a leader while you learn from one of the best? Book a call with Phoebe Leona to learn about our consulting services and nOMad Guides annual membership to receive all the guidance and support your need while you plan your retreat. 


Done-for-you boutique services

Let our nOMad team take care of all the details from securing the property to making sure your guests arrive to your destination with everything they need during their time with you. Learn more about how we can curate, organize, and even facilitate an event FOR you.



The nOMad Collective

“This retreat was filled with deep connections, laughter, relaxation and rest in nature, nourishing movement, raw and honest conversations, and adventure. I had no expectations for this retreat, but rather was just excited to experience a new country with new people. This experience ended up being so powerful for me and sent me on a journey of re-establishing a connection with myself, something I have always struggled to do. Phoebe holds a non-judgemental space and is an incredible teacher who makes everyone practicing with her feel connected, seen, and heard. Her movement ceremonies were filled with such thoughtful and unique components that gave everyone practicing the tools to dive deeper within themselves and with others. I am thrilled to finally be a nOMad member, and I can't wait to be apart of more of her retreats. I can't recommend this experience enough! ”

(Embodied Radiance Retreat, 2022)

The nOMad Collective

“I am so grateful to be a nOMad! Phoebe has been one of those teachers whose lessons stick with you long after the yoga class is over. I joined her on her first nOMad retreat to Jaco, Costa Rica. This experience was so amazing. We had classes in the morning and at sunset, (occasionally on the beach watching the sun fall behind the ocean as we melted into our final savasana!). During our free time, we all stayed together and explored the area, taking horseback tours through the jungle, zip lines, national forests, and basically just enjoying the sunshine, fresh fruit (the mangos!!), atmosphere, and relaxation. Along with the events that nOMad and Phoebe offer, I find so much comfort and belonging in being a part of the online tribe-meeting others with the same like-mindedness through social media and connecting at events throughout the Hudson Valley.I feel that the nOMad teachers are family, and take so much pride in practicing my yoga at home through the online studio, learning how to guide others through difficult poses in large part thanks to the tutorials and the articulate teaching styles of each teacher. Thank you for being here for us! We are lucky to have such a motivated, compassionate and thoughtful yoga business at our fingertips, encouraging us always to be our best version of ourselves.”

nOMad Yoga Teacher, 300-Hr Grad 2017, Costa Rica Retreat 2014

“The Embrace Ritual retreat in Bali was an opportunity to relax, recharge, and reconnect with me. It was an amazing experience in a magical place that allowed me to reflect on where I was and where I wanted to be, both in life and in yoga.”

— Alex, nOMad Online Studio Member & Embrace Ritual Retreat To Bali (Sept 2018)

“Words only partially cast light on the spiritual experience I embraced while in Bali with Phoebe and nOMad. Traveling across the world alone was a first for me, which presents a little anxiety, however, knowing that I would meet up with other nOMads (most of who I had not met) set me right at ease. From the first day through the last day, Embrace Ritual in Bali was an absolute heart-opening experience for me: correcting misalignment in my body from old scars - some of which I never knew I had, understanding the importance of setting intentions and letting go of expectations, learning the value of giving others space - to include myself, really truly listening to another person, understanding pain is temporary and the ability to forge a new storyline through the pain is possible, through sharing culture, prayer, and love a deeper human connection is possible. Along with these beautiful lessons, I learned laughter and relaxation are important rituals that keep me grounded in the healthy, loving, caring, and capable woman that I want to project. One more gain was the unexpected gift of growing a deeper love and appreciation for my husband because of the unwavering support from him and the nonjudgmental support with nOMad. And, I must tell you all that I am still growing - almost 3 months later from this remarkable journey with nOMad Embrace Ritual in Bali. Thank you Phoebe, and thank you to the nOMad support.”

— JESSICA, BALI RETREAT ATTENDEE SEPT 2017 & MARCH 2020 & nOMad TEACHER (200/300 HR 2018/2019)

“So happy I was able to relax and unwind in Belize with the world’s greatest yoga teacher! This beautiful retreat, located in Thatch Caye, was a perfect balance between relaxation and activity. Phoebe created a spacious itinerary with the right balance between optional activities (like snorkeling) and yoga classes. The staff on this small, private island (with beautiful and simple accommodations) was able to accommodate my dietary allergies and a variety of guest’s preferences. I would highly recommend it for someone looking for fantastic yoga classes, a little extra non-yoga activities, and plenty of time reflect.”


"This retreat was great. I loved the dancing. I came home happy and relaxed. I love how each retreat is themed and relates to the destination we visit. I love nOMad retreats!!"