Epi #133 Healing Through Connection with Annette Szproch

Podcast post (1) 3.10.06 PM

Annette Maria is a Somatic Soul Guide, Founder of Sanctuary Publishing, Author & Insight Timer Teacher. Through her work she activates individuals into becoming leaders in their lives harnessing the intelligence of the body, mind & soul. She is an advocate for everybody learning how to listen to their inner truth & feeling invigorated to live it out! . Annette’s vision is to see the planet as a place that supports each individual in feeling wildly expressed while living out their soul’s purpose.

In this episode, Annette joins Phoebe for a conversation about Connection & Loneliness. Annette speaks about her process from taking on a leadership role from a place of obligation and distrust to stepping into a trusting collaborative leadership role from a place of healing. 

Connect with Annette:


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