Epi #135: Creating Joy as a Multi-Passionate Being with Amy Soucy

Podcast post (1) 4.34.16 PM

Amy Soucy is a yoga and mindfulness facilitator, transformational coach, singer-songwriter artist, and catalyst for women’s wellbeing, who has been a teacher and devoted student of mindfulness for 17 + years. She is an advocate for the transformative nature of these practices and has witnessed firsthand their power to foster community, cultivate inner resilience, loving awareness, and personal and collective wellbeing. Post-pandemic, Amy has shifted her focus toward helping creatively-driven women overcome overwhelm and tap into their innate, unshakeable wellbeing through inspiring online programs and in-person retreats. 

In this episode, Amy shares her journey of being a multi-passionate being and how to balance staying grounded while also embracing the multi-passions in her life. This conversation invites us all to tap into our inner alchemist and create more joy and expansion in our lives. 

Connect with Amy on her website at https://amysoucy.com/, follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/resonantheart/?hl=en, or practice with her through The nOMad Collective Membership https://www.thenomadcollective.org/th....


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