(Re)Introduction to nOMad

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It feels like the right time for a (re)introduction to give you more clarity about how nOMad is here to serve you in these times of great transformation and awakening.

Let's get to it, shall we?

Where did nOMad come from?

First of all, I am Phoebe Leona, the founder of nOMad. I like to think that nOMad found me though.

It was just about 10 years ago when I hit my rock bottom; all within months my life completely unraveled from the death of my dad, a divorce, the end of a job, and numerous mysterious health issues from stress.

Although I was already on the spiritual path, this was my calling to wake up!

On that dark day, when the rest of my life came crashing down around me, nOMad found me and gave me hope with a mission to continue the path of teaching and leading people to deeper experiences within themselves and around the world.

With the wisdom and experience I gained from that dreadful year, I now find joy guiding and supporting others to their own transformation and awakening.

What does nOMad offer?

nOMad is a community of explorers, alchemists, healers, and lovers walking this path through life together.

We seek deeper and more expansive ways of living and being.

We travel in many ways, one being my practice, Mvt109™.

Mvt109™ (movement 109) is a tool we use at nOMad, like yoga (which we also offer) to take us further into our path.

It is an embodiment practice that integrates grounding awareness to feel safe in the body and environment, free flow movement to feel liberated, along with meditations and other expanded awareness practices to see the bigger picture and integrate into the expansion of life.

Think of Mvt109™ as your alchemist's tool to transform the heavy and held patterns of your life into the gold of living the fullest expression of yourself.

Another tool is my book, Dear Radiant One, which is my healing story and a guidebook to aide in your own emotional recovery.

We have other resources to guide you, like nOMad's podcast, The Space in Between (which is coming back this month!), retreats, online transformational programs and memberships to take you even further along your personal journey.

Why do we do all this?

nOMad is on a mission because there is a great awakening occurring (and has been).

The pandemic sped things up for a lot of us by shaking us to our core which was rather traumatizing for so many who were not prepared.

nOMad is a guide to support and offer resources that help bring the nervous system back to homeostasis so that the body, mind, and soul can heal, integrate, and transcend into that life that is waiting to be claimed.

Myself along with many of our nOMad Guides, have gone through this process and we are here to walk alongside you! We want you to know it's all good. Everything is working out but it's time to shed the old patterns and paradigms and step on this path of transcendence. It is safe to move forward and fully experience all there is to YOU and your world!

How you can receive this nOMad joy?

At nOMad, we are here to walk each other home.

You get to choose what you want that home to be, who you are with, and how it will feel.

You always have a choice.

And now it's time to choose and step into your new world with more joy, gratitude, confidence, and connection.

Are you ready?

Let's walk together this year and beyond.

always at OM...

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