Day 2: 40 Days of Gratitude

40 Days of gratitude-2


DAY TWO of our annual 40 Days of Gratitude (and beyond) is here and this one is all about our emotions...

As I was walking through my healing journey, I remember a friend telling he was in "emotional recovery" and I paused to lean in. I had never been an addict of substances but I was always surrounded by men who were, which I eventually figured out gave me a hit of my own addiction to chaos and hid me from other shadows to avoid emotions like anger, shame, or guilt. Through the process of my recovery, I learned to embrace all of my emotions and find balance within them. Last year, my book, Dear Radiant One...An Emotional Recovery Story and Transformational Guide to Embody the Dance of Life was published by GracePoint Publishing and honorably awarded by OMTimes Media, is meant to be a guide to help others through their own emotional recovery.

I will admit, I share some really hard moments while dancing with challenging emotions but I am so grateful I have been able to make friends with fear, anger, loneliness, shame, chaos, and grief. Being able to dance with the dark and the light is what I am most grateful for today because I can use these emotions to empower me to be more authentic and real to grow deeper connections with others.

So the question for today is this...

What shadow emotion are you most grateful for?

Is there a dance with fear that you have been able to overcome or did fear protect you from harm? Did you find a way to express anger in a safe way that opened new doors for you? Did you find how your loneliness was a way to make your mission in life to help others feel less isolated and alone?

How have these shadow emotions helped you grow?

Need a little help being grateful for your emotions?

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I invite you now to keep going with me on this 40-day adventure of Gratitude. Are you in?

Here are few ways to continue practice 40 Days of Gratitude with me:

  1. Practice daily by acknowledging 3 things you are grateful for in your journal.
  2. Continue to share on social media and tag us @thenomadcollective_ and (IG) with #GratefulnOMad
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With a deep bow,

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"My heart and spirit are filled with so much joy knowing that others will be able to experience the magic that is Dear Radiant One... The courageous vulnerability and compassion in Phoebe's writing about her experience was a beautiful reminder that even in the most challenging moments and seasons of our lives, we always have a choice to see the radiance within ourselves and even in those circumstances. And it also reminds us that we don't have to make those choices alone.

The tools and practices she invites us to explore throughout the book as we dance with emotions like grief, fear, shame, joy, connection, etc. are accessible and practical actions that we can implement in our daily lives and can stay with us forever. If you are truly seeking an interactive reading experience where you not only follow the journey of the author but are invited to go on your own journey alongside it this is for you!!"

-Lea Onayan, Dear Radiant One reader



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