Day 5: 40 Days of Gratitude

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Day 5 of Gratitude is a continuation of yesterday’s reflection on community but with a little dance. ;)

But first, how are you feeling today?

How is this simple practice of intentional gratitude shifting your perspective?

What other practice has helped shape who you are that you can be grateful for today?

I have many practices I am grateful for but the one I am most grateful for is the practice of movement, particularly dance which I believed saved my life.

As a child, I often found myself dancing because it brought me so much joy. I could not imagine a life without dance in it so I made it my occupational path in my 20's and early 30's. Dance was always so much more than performing though, it was I also a way to heal. There were so many nights I found myself dancing to literally escape from the chaos and trauma that was outside my bedroom doors.

To this day, I am not sure how I would have survived if it wasn’t for dance. For that, I am grateful for.

What makes dance even more powerful is being in community. I intuitively knew this back in the day too. Most nights after dinner, you could find me recruiting family and friends to dance with me to spread joy. Over the last several years, it has been my mission with my somatic modality/movement ceremony, Mvt109™ to unite in community at nOMad through dance and reclaim our joy together.

As a facilitator, I get to hold space for and witness others who didn’t know about the benefits of dance and witness their huge leaps and shifts in their life by opening up that new world with them. It has been such a gift for myself and the people I get to guide through Mvt109™. It has now become the essential ingredient in all of my retreats in addition to meditation, yoga, and other somatic practices and rituals.

Our retreats have become more unique beyond a typical yoga retreat because of Mvt109™ which takes our groups into deeper and more expansive landscapes within themselves that is so powerful.

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And don't forget to keep going on the 40 Days of Gratitude practice with me:

  1. Practice daily by acknowledging 3 things you are grateful for in your journal.
  2. Continue to share on social media and tag us @thenomadcollective_ and (IG) with #GratefulnOMad**
  3. Upcoming Retreat Specials. See below.

With a deep bow,

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