Day 6: 40 Days of Gratitude

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Day 6 of Gratitude…oh the places I have been that I am so very grateful for!!!

Yesterday, I went to get my new photo passport so I can renew it before my 2024 travels. I took a look through all the stamps over the last ten years and wow!! I am grateful to have each stamp represent a piece of me…stories of transformation, expansion, love, and remembering who I am.

What about you...
What places are you grateful for that you have traveled to near or far?

Ten years ago, when I started my recent passport I was living in Costa Rica, I got to explore Nicaragua and Panama which broadened my travel horizons…followed by adventures in Bahrain for love...Spain, Portugal to fulfill my dream of walking the Camino...Belize, Bali, Mexico, and returns to CR and Nica for retreats to guide others through transformation…Spain and Italy for fun...and some other stamps along the way that taught me about the joys of spontaneity.

Which feels like a perfect time to share with you the new stamps I will be collecting in 2024 and I would love for your to get some of your own too!!

Do you want stamps in your passport from Bali or Mexico?

Let’s do it!

This is YOUR time to invest in yourself.

I believe that everything we experience is our reflection. When we travel, something beautiful shifts within us and we see more light shed on what is possible. We can never be the same when we return home which makes our entire world a much better place.

This is your call to book a trip to explore the world and see a more expansive version within you.

At nOMad, we have 6 international retreats happening from February through end of April.

Here are some perks to be grateful for if you book now:

  • Reserve by Thursday, save $500-700.
  • BOOK TODAY to save big on flights for "Travel deal Tuesday" Woohoo!!

Join me, Phoebe! Let’s get some stamps together and change our world for the better!

Won't you join us on a retreat? Reserve your spot on one of these transformative retreats before the end of the month (nOMad specials end in 2 days!!) 

And don't forget to keep going on the 40 Days of Gratitude practice with me:

  1. Practice daily by acknowledging 3 things you are grateful for in your journal.
  2. Continue to share on social media and tag us @thenomadcollective_ and (IG) with #GratefulnOMad**
  3. SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY Specials. See below

And if you book a retreat TODAY, you will receive everything you need to book your flights and be able to take advantage of "Travel Deal Tuesday" for cheap flights!

With a deep bow,

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