Day 7: 40 Days of Gratitude

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It is Day 7 and I am feeling grateful for my resiliency to believe in possibilities.

In the past, people have called me naive or an optimist like it is was a bad word because they were a “realist”. But I think I have earned the right to be an optimist despite all the hardships of my life.

Every day, I actively make the hard choice to see a glimpse of possibility, even in my darkest days. I know the value of that is something to be grateful for. I don’t think lightly of my resiliency. I know some people have a hard time getting out of bed every day. They carry the weight of dread of their reality with them, the anxiety of the unknown, and/or the pain of our collective in their bodies. I know this. I do feel this too at times but I do my best to keep getting up with a lightness in my heart.

Years deep into my marriage, I discovered that my husband resented me for being resiliently optimistic. Maybe you even read my posts and harbor some of that too. It’s okay.

I honor where you are and hope that I can be a beacon of light in some way. The holiday season with shorter and colder days can be brutal., even for me. I commit for myself to continue to show up here for both of us.

If you need a nudge, send me a message. I would love to hear from you and know if my words resonate in some way.

Don't forget to keep going on the 40 Days of Gratitude practice with me:

  1. Practice daily by acknowledging 3 things you are grateful for in your journal.
  2. Continue to share on social media and tag us @thenomadcollective_ and (IG) with #GratefulnOMad**
  3. SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY Specials. See below.

The question I leave you with is this, what personality trait are you grateful to have?

Is it your curiosity to keep you with eyes of wonder, or loving fiercely, or the ability to laugh and make others laugh through the hard times, or maybe it's your deep sense of trust in yourself to make grounded decisions, or the ability to calm others, or....

Let me know. I am optimistic you will find something wonderful about yourself. ;)

With a deep bow,

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PS. I will be popping in your inbox throughout our 40 Days of Gratitude to share words of encouragement to keep you on the path and insights as I recommit to this practice with you. 

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