Day 8: 40 Days of Gratitude

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It is Day 8 of Gratitude and we are closing in on YOUR LAST CHANCE to receive our Retreat Specials where you can save $500-700 off every 2024 retreat in Mexico and Bali!

Speaking of Last Chances, today, I am super grateful for them. As I mentioned yesterday, I am a resilient optimist. It takes a lot for me to give up.

I have lost track of all the last chances where I have been on my knees, crying, and begging for one more chance...and then in the final hour, magic happens. The photo above was one of those moments, when I left for my adventure in Costa Rica that gave me another chance to live a life full of purpose by guiding people to travel within themselves on retreats. 

Those last chance moments can be quite humbling. It is not necessarily a joy ride but receiving that breath of hope, is a gift.

My recent mantra has been "Safe is the New Sexy" and it feels worth mentioning here when it comes to these last chance moments. It is important to feel a sense of safety when taking a leap for something. We want to feel safe knowing that what we are taking a chance on IS worth it.

A personal mission of mine at nOMad over the last years is to create a deep sense of safety and trust for myself, with my co-creators, and especially for our participants that enter into our spaces for their transformation. Taking a chance to go on a retreat can feel overwhelming with the potential obstacles of traveling alone, spending money, taking time off for self-care, or making an effort to change your life.

At nOMad, we make sure you feel safe from the moment you say, "YES" to paying your deposit, to booking your flight, to arriving at our destination, and all the days you spend with us, and even beyond returning home with your new experiences and perspectives.

We are with you every step of the way.

I have taken huge leaps in my life. I know the feeling when change is impending, how unsettling it may be and how necessary an experience like a retreat can  bring clarity and confidence to making new life choices.

It may feel like the dumbest or most irresponsible choice when time and/or money is tight, but let me assure you, all the times i chose to invest in those last chances, I never once regretted it. I have yet to hear any of our retreat participants say they wish they stayed home and saved their money or time!

How about you...are you ready to take advantage of this last chance now?

Read below our LAST CHANCE Retreat Specials or click here to learn more here.

Don't forget to keep going on the 40 Days of Gratitude practice with me:

  1. Practice daily by acknowledging 3 things you are grateful for in your journal.
  2. Continue to share on social media and tag us @thenomadcollective_ and (IG) with #GratefulnOMad**
  3. SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY Specials. See below (LAST DAY!)

What last chance moment(s) are you grateful you did not let pass you by?

Maybe today will be one of them ;)

With a deep bow,

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PS. I will be popping in your inbox throughout our 40 Days of Gratitude to share words of encouragement to keep you on the path and insights as I recommit to this practice with you. 

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