Epi #160 Ignite Sisterhood with Stephanie James

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This week Stephanie James is back! She is an author, filmmaker, podcast host, psychotherapist and transformation coach who will be guiding Reigniting Your Spark Women's Retreat in Sayulita, Mexico in February 2024 for time and space to experience more joy, laughter, wellness, and sisterhood.

In this episode, We:
* Explore the joys of sisterhood and Stephanie's stories
* Discuss how two navigate conflict in sisterhood two make sit a win, win
* The art of co-creation
* Hear Stephanie' & Phoebe's experiences of being a retreat participants and how it shaped her life.
* Learn about what you can expect when you go on a retreat.
* Find out how Stephanie is changing the world by Becoming Fierce (and how you can watch her upcoming film!)
*Discover how you can experience sisterhood with Stephanie and Phoebe in person this February in Sayulita, Mexico

Ready to travel with us?
Ignite Your Spark in Sayulita, Mexico
FEB 18-23, 2024
A Womens’ Retreat
With Stephanie James & Phoebe Leona
**USE VIP600 to save $600 on this upcoming retreat while spots last!**

Stay Connected with Stephanie:
Follow Stephanie James at:
FB: www.facebook.com/stephanie.james.543
IG: @Stephaniethespark
Website: www.stephaniejames.world

Follow Phoebe Leona at:
FB: www.facebook.com/phoebeleona.love/
IG: @PhoebeLeona.Love
Website: www.PhoebeLeona.com

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Igniting Your Spark

Increase your joy, happiness and wellbeing... 

February 18th-23rd, 2024 in Sayulita, Mexico

Come join us for an immersion experience in enchanting Sayulita                    

This retreat is YOU focused with activities, workshops, and the space you need to just

relax, renew and rejuvenate


What's included:

 *Five night stay at the beautiful Sayulina Hotel 

* Powerful processes to clear limiting beliefs and energy that is no longer serving you

* Sound Bath on the Beach at Sunset

 * Restoring Yoga 

 * Embodied Movement Sessions

 * Breathwork and Meditation

 * Cacao Ceremony 

 * Exploration and Reconnection processes to supercharge your joy and wellbeing

 * Time to relax, swim, walk on the beach, and explore the beautiful town of Sayulita

 * An absolutely profound opportunity to awaken, enliven, and expand in an atmosphere that will reignite your passion, purpose and a sense of power                         

FEB 18-23, 2024
A Womens’ Retreat
With Stephanie James & Phoebe Leona
**USE VIP600 to save $600 on this upcoming retreat while spots last!**



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