Epi #161 Where Friends Gather with MaryJo Samaritano

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Meet MaryJo Samaritano, yoga teacher and retreat leader of the upcoming retreat of Where Friends Gather in Bali this April 2024.

In this episode, We:
* Learn the background of MJ's transition from yoga student to retreat leader with the guidance of Phoebe
* Explore how taking leaps of faith can overcome fears and shyness
* See the power of marketing and being in the right place at the right time
* Understand how to hold space for students with trauma
* Experience how to be a leader in the midst of chaos like a pandemic
* Envision a retreat in Bali

Ready to travel with us?
Where Friends Gather in Bali
APR 1-7, 2024
With MaryJo Samaritano

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Where Friends Gather
(Sukawati, Bali)

April 1-7, 2024

Retreat Hosted By MaryJo Samaritano

Gather with new friends to create a bond that could last forever. If you have been feeling out of sorts and knowing there are changes needed to make space for healthier, more supportive, and fruitful friendships that will never be pushed aside, archived, or deleted? Join your guide, MaryJo Samaritano for a gathering of friends where you will feel held and supported..



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