Epi #163 Don't Take It Personally

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Spend time with nOMad founder, Phoebe Leona for this episode to explore how not to take things personally if your mission and vision are just not happening yet like you planned.


* Get clear on what you want to create in 2024 and beyond.
* Create a home for your vision and goals.
* Release the old stories of Fear, Shame, Guilt...that you keep bumping up against.
* Understand how your body is a teacher.
* Define your Unique Role to live full out your purpose.
* Learn how to stop taking things personally and stay consistently aligned with your purpose.
* Teach your casual "students" casually and serious "students" seriously.
* Stay unattached to the ripples oof impact that you might not even be aware of.

Want to dig deeper with Phoebe?

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