Special Announcement!

You are invited into a 7-Month Transformational Program, The Radiant Storyteller to embody a vibrant & creative life and empower you to share your story with the world.

We All Have a Story to Tell. Now is Your Chance.

Join this 7-month deep-dive program to transform the physical, emotional, and spiritual chaos into a creative space that will empower you to own your story.

Claim your life with confidence so you can create a dynamic embodied life and thrive unapologetically. Experience transformative practices to align you with your life’s purpose and take ownership of your radiance & soul expression in everything you do and become. 

Become empowered to share your voice and story with the world to be in the flow with the great expansion of the universe.

It is time to reclaim your space  of endless possibilities

The noise, the busyness, and the distractions won't go away until you see them for what they are.  Are you living a life where...

  • You feel lost in the noise
  • You feel overwhelmed by distractions
  • You feel anxious in the uncertainty
  • You feel haunted by your past
  • You WANT to feel seen & heard
  • You WANT to live a creative life
  • You WANT to live a life of emotional freedom 
  • You WANT to free an old story to be free in the present

The Transformation

Dive deep into your own emotional recovery, feel seen & heard in a supportive community & create confidently a new way of sharing your voice with your world

Emotional Recovery Journey

Work privately, in a group, and independently each month on your emotional radiance, with somatic/movement and expanded awareness practices that will help you embody your shadows & light.

Be Seen, Heard,  & Felt in Community

Boldly unpack and share your story in our monthly Storytelling & Movement Ceremony. Allow yourself to be seen, heard, and celebrated as you share a story to heal & set yourself free.

Become a Radiant Storyteller

Learn new ways to process and express yourself through different mediums and make connections to bring your story out into the light for others to learn from, feel, & heal their own stories from your own embodiment & empowerment.  

BONUS!!! If you are ready to really claim your title as a Radiant Storyteller, you can go beyond and become a published author with nOMad Press. 

Who is this for?

A Radiant Storyteller who wants to bring their story into the light but are still afraid to be seen, heard, or felt while possibly opening pain of old wounds or judgement by others. Through this very unique program, receive practices, tools, and a skillset to become The Radiant Storyteller to feel more embodied to own their story and empowered to claim both the light & shadows of themselves and to be an inspiration to others to claim their own radiance.

Does this feel like you?

We need stories to heal us all. One story at a time.

Let’s start with yours.

Let’s begin a journey of creation that will take you deep into yourself to fall in love again with your fully embodied radiance that is you so that you can shine it all, the light & dark for all of us to see, hear, feel, and expand beyond our wildest dreams and horizons.

On this sacred journey…

You will shed the layers of your old paradigm of living, thinking, and doing to reveal a more dynamic being that is you. Through nurturance and support, you’ll move, dance, play, and grow into your radiant self and reclaim chaos to invite the world to open up for you.

As you expand your awareness of the world within you, all of its stories, emotions, thoughts, and dreams, your view of your outer world will shift to a new paradigm. You will move from the chaotic hustle to the relaxed confidence of knowing everything you desire is ready for you to co-create with the universe.

You will reach a new level of spiritual and emotional resiliency, become more empowered to transform what held back your luminous essence from the world to confidently embrace it so you can be whoever you want to be, do anything you want and have anything you desire. 

With your own special ceremony where we honor you, you will have the opportunity to be held in a sacred space to be fully seen, heard, felt, and celebrated, and liberated by your peers and receive love and support through the process of sharing your story. 

Once you cross the threshold of reclaiming your story, you will learn the skills to take it out into the world in the medium of your choices with the option to even have your story published in your own book with us at nOMad Press!



  • Take ownership of your own story & desires without the mind or other voices telling you differently. 
  • Embody your true self unapologetically to open up to adventures you never dreamed were possible while sharing your story with the world.

  • No longer have the difficult emotions have a hold on you and instead recognize them for the powerful messengers they are so you can transform them into something more expressive, more creative, and even beautiful for your world to feel & celebrate.

  • Be able to balance your own ambitions while co-creating an aligned soul relationship that is reciprocal, communicative and rooted in emotional intelligence. 

  • Become the confident mom or dad who passes on your stories of healing to raise emotionally intelligent children who will change our world for the better.

  • Overcome your own fears & insecurities to start that blog, write that book, or get that TED Talk you’ve passionately dreamed of to help others and make an impact on our world.

  • Release the old stories that held you back so you can align with your purpose, work more efficiently, play more often, thrive more in all aspects of your life, enjoy the company of your loved ones, and stand in your new claimed power of radiance. 

  • Embody the Radiant Storyteller that is you and share your creations to enter into a new paradigm.

  • Become a published author by sharing your experiences that can help other people heal while freeing yourself some your past. 

The Program

 What you will get in the The Radiant Storyteller Program.

One-on-One Support

Receive 3 private sessions with Phoebe to support you with practices for your emotional recovery & gain more resources to transform your story into a medium of your choice (poem, book, speech, dance...).

If you choose to continue with our Published Radiant Storyteller, you will also receive private coaching and editing sessions from the GracePoint Publishing team. 

Community  Connection

Join weekly group mentoring sessions to reflect with your peers each week, monthly Movement Ceremonies to initiate the month's theme that we will dive into together, and Monthly Storytelling Ceremonies to transform your story as our group holds space for you & celebrates you. 

Self Paced Practices & Resources

Each month, receive a library of  somatic/movement & expanded awareness practices for you to dive into our your own time, when you needed them as you move along on your journey. The library will be yours forever beyond the 7 months. 


Who is my radiant story for?

Myself to heal…

My daughter to understand her world better…

My father to forgive…

A reader to understand she is not alone…

A large mass of people to see that we are all going through the crumbling of old paradigms collectively together...

You will have the opportunity to share your truth within our safe container and learn new skills to share your story in other mediums to help others heal, grow, and expand from their stories too.


How do I want to share my radiant story?

Write a letter to someone who is no longer in my life…

Write a book…

Speak on a podcast…

Create a dance…

Present a TED talk…

Hold a sacred ceremony…


Remember, everything is possible in the space of BEING A RADIANT STORYTELLER.

You get to choose how you want to explore the possibilities of sharing your story & transform it into a new form of expression.


You can become a published author with us! Upgrade your program, to the The Published Radiant Storyteller to sign one to have your book published with nOMad Press under GracePoint Publishing. You will get all the technical support you need from the exceptional team at GracePoint as well as all the emotional support  & guidance you need from Phoebe as you make the way through the entire program. Please note, this upgrade includes all fees to get your book published with an additional 5 months of support beyond The Radiant Storyteller program.

Fill out the application here to set up an appointment to learn more and see if we are a good fit to have your book published with nOMad Press at GracePoint Publishing. Read more below to see what it includes. 




The Radiant Storyteller



Includes 7-Month Transformational Program 

Click on link below to apply 

The nOMad Collective

“At first I was reluctant to join the [program]. I felt resistance to trying something new and out of my comfort zone. I am so glad I took the leap and joined this experience.

Phoebe holds space and has been such a powerful guide to finding myself and to freeing myself from my own limitations. I danced and moved my body in ways I've never done before.

If you're curious, or feel resistance, I urge you to just step forward and trust the process. I truly believe that you will grow, and take with you memories that will help you improve your life.”

Program Participant '20

The nOMad Collective

“I joined in this program searching for some community support and ideas as I have been working through transitioning between faiths and needing to gain some clarity in who I am right now and who I am starting to become from this transition.

The weekly work, movements, online community support, and Phoebe’s positive mentoring throughout has helped me gain new perspectives about myself and see the progress I have already been creating.

I am really appreciative in all of the time and process that was put it for the material and layout of the course. My favorite part was talking about and applying in our interactions with others that the perspective of our relationships really shine a reflection of ourselves. This was a big perspective flip I was needing right now ”

Program Participant '20


Phoebe is a teacher and transformational guide who helps people become embodied through somatic, movement, and expanded awareness practices so they can feel more empowered in who they are, who they are becoming, and have a greater sense of belonging.

She has been a teacher and mentor for most of her life through yoga, dance, & self development but it was after a year of great loss in 2013 when she found herself in the vast open space in between her old life and the new frontier, that she really dove deeply into her practices and began her company, nOMad to help others through their own transitions and spaces in between. Throughout that time, Phoebe also developed her own movement/somatic practice, Mvt109™ for her students to fully embrace the freedom of moving in their bodies, transform old & held patterns, and reclaim the vibrations & stories they want to bring to life. Phoebe also finds much joy in sharing her story to help others in their own healing  through her TEDx Talk, her podcast The Space in Between,  her new book, Caged No More, a multi-author book, and her upcoming her solo book by GracePoint Publishing that will be released later this year. 

When you join The Radiant Storyteller Program, you will receive all the support you need through your emotional journey so that you can transform your story into something new and radiant! 


Learn new healthy resources to create a safe container for your sacred journey within so you can explore how fear may have been holding you back while feeling safe, stable, and grounded.

What is included in the theme:

  • Explore Root Chakra practices to create safe spaces in your body and your space. 
  • Practices to help your strengthen your "trust" muscle when creating new story.


Learn how to be with difficult emotions like anger and resentment, recognize them for the powerful messengers they are, and transform them into something productive and even beautiful as you create a new phase for your life - one marked by pleasure & joy!

What is included in the theme:

  • Sacral Chakra practices to go with the flow, and begin to feel empowered in expressing self. 
  • Dive into the shadows of anger/resentment to give it expression in a healthy way.


Learn to move your energy, shedding away the burden of past guilt and shame so you can step into your new life and take action with unapologetic confidence.

What is included in the theme:

  • Solar Plexus practices to get energy moving through with unapologetic confidence. 
  • Explore how shame and guilt have haunted you and how to release it once and for all. 


Allow the flow of grief that has kept you away from a soul connection with yourself as you step into a space of deep/unwavering love and compassion for yourself and your world so you can fully embrace who you are becoming with grace.

What is included in the theme:

  • Heart chakra practices to feel more connected, more compassionate, and more self-love. 
  • Address areas of your life that you have felt numb or depressed about to embrace the fullness of you.


Take a look back to reflect on what has kept you from expressing your truth in the past and shift your perspective to one of gratitude for the many lessons and gifts that were given to you to fully embrace your own unique voice. 

What is included in the theme:

  • Throat chakra practices to feel safe in expressing your own authentic voice without feeling misunderstood. 
  • Reflect on what areas in your life presented challenges to release the blockages and speak clearly with gratitude and confidence. 


Quiet the chaos and anxiety that has kept you distracted from your inner compass of peace and serenity. 

What is included in the theme:

  • Third Eye chakra practices to tap into calming the mental distractions. 
  • Reflect on what choices you made that kept you in a state of chaos and anxiety and present new choices towards peace and serenity. 


Melt away any numbness or sadness that has kept you from a deeper connection within yourself and  source energy as you open up to trusting your intuition again to become more of who you are meant to be, fully embodied and expansive.

What is included in the theme:

  • Crown chakra practices to feel safe in trusting the support from beyond and intuition. 
  • Reflect on moments in your life you felt numb and disconnected from source energy and open up the lines of trust and support with grace.