Epi #127: Cultivating Joy with Mike Millios

Epi #127

#127 Cultivating Joy with Mike Millios 

Are you struggling to cultivate joy, delight, and happiness when it feels like everything is in chaos? Are you a caretaker that puts your family, friends, and community before your wellbeing? 

As yoga teachers, students, healers, parents, change makers, and human beings it is oftentimes difficult to create the space we need to fill our own cups whilst sharing our heart with others. In this episode, we welcome back our nOMad Guide, Mike Millios, as he and Phoebe dive into creating joy in our lives even in times of chaos. Mike gets vulnerable about his experience, invites us to shift our perspective of “self-care” as community care, and shares about his upcoming series at nOMad. 

Learn more about nOMad Guide, Mike Millios here. 

Website: https://www.milliosmw.com/

IG: @mike_millios 

Facebook: Millios Mediation and Wellness

Are You Ready To Invite More Joy In Your Life?

Join nOMad Guide, Mike Millios, for his 4-part series, Cultivating Joy In Times of Uncertainty from April 4-25th. With Mike, you will co-create a space for meditation, mindful movement, and discussion to explore how we can find gratitude and joy during challenging times. 

Register for the FREE session of Cultivating Joy In Times of Uncertainty on Mon, April 4th at 9am EST!


Register for the full 4-Weeks of Cultivating Joy In Times of Uncertainty from April 4th-25th!



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