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Amy Soucy 

Yoga and mindfulness facilitator, transformational coach, and catalyst for women’s wellbeing, Amy has been a teacher and devoted student of mindfulness for 17 + years. She has extensive training & certifications in the Integral & Anusara methods of yoga, a longtime personal practice of mindfulness meditation, and a lifetime following her creative passions as a singer and songwriter. Amy has shared yoga, mindfulness, and creativity-boosting experiences with everyone from toddlers to teens to adults in many diverse settings – from public and private schools and universities to juvenile detention centers and foster care agencies, public parks, art galleries, yoga studios and private homes. She is an advocate for the transformative nature of these practices and has witnessed firsthand their power to foster community, cultivate inner resilience, loving awareness, and personal and collective wellbeing. Post-pandemic, Amy has shifted her focus toward helping creatively-driven women overcome overwhelm and tap into their innate, unshakeable wellbeing through inspiring online programs and in-person retreats. 

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Koko fisch 

Aniko, or Koko for short, started her journey in the holistic healing world with her passion for Food. Growing up in a household where healing foods were used as the primary remedies for any ailment, her fascination with the transformative powers of nature’s medicine cabinet led her to study holistic nutrition and eating psychology. She wanted to help people nourish their bodies and achieve vibrant health. But after working with clients, she began to see how healthy eating is only a small part of the key to true, lasting health. This took her down a path of mind-blowing exploration into the world of quantum biology and energy medicine. After learning several energy healing modalities, life took an unexpected turn when she started to experience a debilitating mystery illness that left her “out of commission” for several years. Through her journey back to health, Koko gained an entirely new perspective on why the body expresses imbalance through dis-ease. The insights she has gained and the methods that had the most profound effect on her own healing journey form the foundation of her work with clients. Koko uses these powerful tools to help clients reclaim their health and tap into their innate abilities to thrive.

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Mike millios

Mike practices yoga, mindfulness, and other spiritual practices to connect with gratitude, love, compassion, and joy. Mike started practicing yoga 10 years ago after returning from a deployment to Afghanistan. Mike noticed how the practice benefited him physically and mentally. Since then, Mike received his 200-hour yoga teaching certification with additional trauma informed yoga, mindful resilience, and meditation training with Veterans Yoga Project and Yoga Behind Bars. Mike loves teaching the history of yoga, meditation, mindful movement, philosophy, and spiritual practices. 

Mike is now a Veteran for peace. He serves as the Board Chair for Karuna Community Mn. He volunteers to teach incarcerated men yoga in jails and prisons. Mike is a qualified mediator/alternative dispute resolution specialist and lawyer at Millios Law. Mike recently launched a holistic wellness practice, Millios Holistic Wellness, to support people as a wellness guide.


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