Epi #132 Rebirth From Grief With Lea Isidora Onayan

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Lea Isidora Onayan, dancer, certified yoga teacher & Mvt109™ facilitator, nOMad community manager, and full spectrum doula in training. She’s dedicated to creating brave spaces for healing and remembering the true essences of our being through movement and community.  

In this episode, Lea returns to The Space In Between to sit down with Phoebe about connecting her birth-doula work with her evolving relationship to grief and moving through those spaces of loss with curiosity to create space for something new. 

To connect with Lea visit her website https://www.herbanlily.com/, her Instagram https://www.instagram.com/herbanlily/, or practice with her through The nOMad Collective Membership https://www.thenomadcollective.org/the-nomad-collective-membership.


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