Epi #137: Embrace Your CAKE with Monique Denton-Davis

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Monique is a sought after transformational speaker, TedX speaker, certified life transformation coach and 4x Amazon best selling author. Most recently Monique worked on a project with the incomparable Les Brown and through this book collaboration made the Amazon’s International #1Best Sellers list.  Monique is also a Human Resources Director and Founder & CEO of Embrace Your CAKE, LLC, Minority Women Business Enterprise, certified Life Coaching and Empowerment, focusing on Confidence, Attitude, Kindness and Excellence. 

For over 25 years Monique has held numerous leadership positions in the human resources field, Utilizing all of her experiences, she strategizes not only for corporations and organizations, she empowers women to become leaders and create economic stability through personal development. 

In this episode, Monique shares how to  get in tune with who you are, what makes you happy and what brings peace to your life. Embracing Self-love, Channeling Your Inner BOSS and living a purposeful life. 

Connect with Monique and learn about her beautiful work:


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