To The One Who Wants to Take Flight

Dear One.

Sometimes, we walk along the path that we think we wanted.

We walk so long that the path changes us on a deep level that it is no longer about the destination.

Then, we realize the invitation to the journey was actually the gift for our metamorphosis and takes us somewhere completely different and even more aligned with who we wanted to become from the beginning.

The journey may take us back to the beginning but with a fresh new perspective, more knowledge, wisdom, and ex…

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Epi #163 Let's Make it Personal

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Epi #163 Don't Take It Personally



Spend time with nOMad founder, Phoebe Leona for this episode to explore how not to take things personally if your mission and vision are just not happening yet like you planned.


* Get clear on what you want to create in 2024 and beyond.
* Create a home for your vision and goals.
* Release the old stories of Fear, Shame, Guilt...that you keep bumping up against.
* Understand how your body is a teacher.
* Define your Unique Role to live full out your purpose.

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Take a Leap of Faith

Last summer, I took a huge leap of faith; personally and professionally right around the time I recorded this podcast interview with Brad Walsh. For months, I was getting a message to, "let go of my home" with no real plan, no real destination, and no real money to give myself a lot of options. But I could not deny this message that was deeply embedded in my body and humming all through me.

I had to listen to my intuition and take action.

It's been 6 months since I have lived this nOMadic life…

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New Year's Ritual

New Year's Ritual

To Begin: Create a sacred space for yourself and anyone you sharing this experience with:

light candles, burn sage/incense, calming music, cup of tea...

Take a few breaths to center yourself, if you meditate,  5-10 minutes (or more)

Make a list with two columns:

  • The Challenges you faced in 2023 (left column)
  • The Gifts you received in 2023 (right column)

On a separate paper, write a letter to yourself in response to this list. Maybe forgive and let go of what …

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Epi #159- Serendipitous, Borderline Magical

This week with Caryn Challman, an Ayurvedic Practitioner, we discover why this ancient practice is the perfect addition for the upcoming experience to receive more love in 2024.

In this episode we learn:
*The backstory of Caryn's story of creating a home in her community in Beacon, NY
*The magic of working with an astrocartographer
*What is Ayurveda
*The power of Bali
*The one experience where you can receive more LOVE.
*How you can get experience Caryn and Phoebe in person this April in Bali.


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Day 8: 40 Days of Gratitude


It is Day 8 of Gratitude and we are closing in on YOUR LAST CHANCE to receive our Retreat Specials where you can save $500-700 off every 2024 retreat in Mexico and Bali!

Speaking of Last Chances, today, I am super grateful for them. As I mentioned yesterday, I am a resilient optimist. It takes a lot for me to give up.

I have lost track of all the last chances where I have been on my knees, crying, and begging for one more chance...and then in the final hour, magic happens. The photo above wa…

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40 Days of gratitude-2

Day 7: 40 Days of Gratitude


It is Day 7 and I am feeling grateful for my resiliency to believe in possibilities.

In the past, people have called me naive or an optimist like it is was a bad word because they were a ‚Äúrealist‚ÄĚ. But I think I have earned the right to be an optimist despite all the hardships of my life.

Every day, I actively make the hard choice to see a glimpse of possibility, even in my darkest days. I know the value of that is something to be grateful for. I don’t think lightly of my resiliency. I know …

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40 Days of gratitude-2

Day 6: 40 Days of Gratitude


Day 6 of Gratitude…oh the places I have been that I am so very grateful for!!!

Yesterday, I went to get my new photo passport so I can renew it before my 2024 travels. I took a look through all the stamps over the last ten years and wow!! I am grateful to have each stamp represent a piece of me…stories of transformation, expansion, love, and remembering who I am.

What about you...
What places are you grateful for that you have traveled to near or far?

Ten years ago, when I started my recent…

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Epi #158 Return to Yourself


 This week with with Marie and Martin Richtsfeld who are true alchemists that have a beautiful story to share with the world and powerful practices to help "Return to Yourself"

In this episode we learn:
*The backstory of Marie and Martin's call to the adventure through travel.
*Martin's discovery in his Dark Night of the Soul
*What is Alchemy
*The power of the Akashic Records
*The core belief that our world is lacking.
*How you can get too experience Marie and Martin in person this April in Bali…

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