To The One Who Wants to Take Flight


Dear One.

Sometimes, we walk along the path that we think we wanted.

We walk so long that the path changes us on a deep level that it is no longer about the destination.

Then, we realize the invitation to the journey was actually the gift for our metamorphosis and takes us somewhere completely different and even more aligned with who we wanted to become from the beginning.

The journey may take us back to the beginning but with a fresh new perspective, more knowledge, wisdom, and experience so that we can really claim the dream we had for ourselves.

Maybe it was a dream we talked ourselves out of the possibility. We let other people voices and conditioning over power our own vision and true voice...

I have invitation for you to migrate to Mexico with the monarchs and me for an opportunity to reboot yourself, 

reassess what matters to you most now, 

reevaluate what is possible, 

renegotiate your contracts and destinations, 

reconstruct the aspects pf you so you can fly.  

And rebirth the creations and creative endeavors that want and need your attention, love, passion, and voice to serve the greater good. 

It is time, dear one to let go…

of what you think you “should be” doing,

of going back to the old “normal” ways, 

of the destinations that are no longer aligned with who you are becoming.

It is time for you to become who you need to be for yourself and your community! 

It is time to unfurl your wings and fly to greater heights that you dreamed of and talked yourself out of back when.

It is time to call your power back and be the voice for yourself and others you are here to serve in a big way.

It is time to let yourself BE YOU NOW! 

Not the yesterday version, not the version you think you ought to be,

But to surrender in the chrysalis to be the YOU so you can take flight for your tomorrow.

So become YOU now, dear on. 


Soak in the essence of you as you sit in hot mineral springs,

Bathe in your dreams as the waterfalls wash over you,

Walk with your sorrows, joy, grief, anger, love, passion, and curiosities through the hiking trails,

Take flight with the monarchs!

Fall in love with YOU, so that the world can fall in love with your beautiful wings that become the butterfly effect that changes our world


With love,

Your Future Self that is Calling You to Adventure



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