New Year's Ritual


New Year's Ritual

To Begin: Create a sacred space for yourself and anyone you sharing this experience with:

light candles, burn sage/incense, calming music, cup of tea...

Take a few breaths to center yourself, if you meditate,  5-10 minutes (or more)

Make a list with two columns:

  • The Challenges you faced in 2023 (left column)
  • The Gifts you received in 2023 (right column)

On a separate paper, write a letter to yourself in response to this list. Maybe forgive and let go of what you didn't accomplish or seemingly "failed" at, and celebrate what you did. Take at least 5 minutes to write to yourself.

Burn the list to let go and transform the past as part to the ritual. If you prefer to keep it, take a photo before you burn it.

Then, meditate on what you hope to receive in 2024.

Ask yourself and make a list with two columns:

  • Left column: What am I calling in? (new love relationship, peace for our world, new job opportunity aligned with your purpose...)
  • Right column: What (potential) obstacles do I want to be removed? (challenging relationships resolved, financial hardships wiped away, etc)

Review your list and see how things lined up. For each pair, draw figure 8's to connect each and go over as a drawing meditation for a few breaths each and work your way down the list until you feel complete. As you meditate on each pair, feel how they are both connected and can work together.


Once you complete the drawing meditation, take a moment to receive the new energy in your body with a few deep breaths.

From this new place, write a letter from your future self in one year.

Take a look back through the letter and choose a word or short phrase to claim as your mantra for 2024.

Place in an envelope or somewhere you can return at the end of the year to witness how things transpired for you! Enjoy the magic of 2024!!

Let me know how that goes for you!!

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