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What does it mean for you to “come home” to your body? 

As my mentor and teacher, Phoebe always told me that our bodies are our "lifelong partners." From the moment we enter this world till the end, the stories and experiences of our lives (and of those who came before us) are carried with us and inform how we show up in the world and live in it. 

My own personal journey with “coming home” to my body hasn’t always been sweet. I still find myself dancing in those spaces of insecurity, judgment, comparison, and all the things we’ve been told internally or externally to make us not feel enough.

But when I do find myself navigating those spaces, I allow myself to be curious…

Why not nourish and water the relationship between myself and this body? 

Why not rest if that replenishes the relationship I not only have with myself but with others? 

Why not make this body the warmest, most comfortable, and radically loving place you can retreat too? 

So I'm curious, what does that could look like for you, Phoebe? What practices or rituals make you feel connected to your body? What does it mean for you to feel at home? 

And if you don’t have practices or nothing comes to mind, then let’s journey home together. 

With love,

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Your Breath. Your Body. Your Practice (1)

After being in a space of transition for the past few months, I'm excited to share my new home to share my movement practice - Bahay! 

Bahay (pronounced ba-hai, meaning home/house in Tagalog), offers a brave and safe space through movement so you could come home to yourself and navigate your life with more ease, grace, and confidence. 

Through movement-based practices and cultivating community, together, we nurture, reclaim, and remember the true essence of our being so we could live a more embodied and grounded life. 

The official launch will be in Jan 2023 BUT in the meantime subscribe to my newsletter below to stay updated! 



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