A Special Message From nOMad Guide, Lea Isidora Onayan

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Hey Lea, 

How is your breath showing up for you in this moment?

I recently came across a quote that says, 
“How you breathe is how you live your life.”
For most of us, myself included, these past few years (maybe even longer) might have felt like holding our breaths.
With all the personal and collective uncertainty we experience and the grind of hustle culture, finding a moment to exhale with ease, to rest, oftentimes feels nonexistent. 
But despite living in a world that prioritizes profit and productivity over wellbeing, it is still possible to envision and create safe havens for ourselves to come home to our bodies and our breaths. 
We deserve to feel held and seen. 
We deserve to rest without shame attached to it. 
We ALL deserve to deeply exhale. 

I wish for you, Lea, to move with care and tenderness this month. And if you don't know where to start, you have your nOMad community & myself over at Bahay to remind you you're not alone. 

With love,
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