MOVEMENT CEREMONY: The Key to YOUR Transcendence


The music was driving each person’s body to move in a different way that expressed where they each were on their journey…

Some moved slowly with an ease that felt like a welcoming reunion with their bodies.

Others moved quickly with fierce intention to release old wounds to transcend them.

Movement in ceremony can be a key element to free the soul and the elixir to experience a new perspective in a safe and powerful way that taps us more deeply into that inner voice, our intuition.

On nOMad retreats, I guide participants through my movement ceremony (Mvt109™) as a held space for life-changing reflections. I often get to witness tears of grief realized as well as tears of joy and gratitude.

The sentiment that is often shared in our integration circles is something like,

“I’ve been looking for this for years – and I’ve been to a lot of events and experiences like this before...this was different. Thank you…”


"I always knew I felt something about that relationship or aspect of myself but never knew how to access it or express it before."

Even as someone who has danced and moved my body for a living my whole life, I am continuously in awe of the sacredness of movement and what it brings to experiencing life more deeply… 

The intimacy of knowing oneself is experienced through how we move our body, from the fears and doubts to the love and acceptance. 

It is all there in how we move our hips (or don’t move our hips) or

how we can reach our wingspan to places we didn’t know were possible or

close up into tiny balls to reflect our broken hearts.

It is all right there. 

That’s why I always include movement into any experience I offer.

Adding movement is a deep exhale the body is waiting for, a chance to feel free to tap into the deep wisdom and intuition that comes from those places deep in our hearts and gut, giving us greater access to our intuition.

This is where someone might stop and say, this isn't for me...Please don’t be fooled –

everyBODY can move and truly wants to feel free.

You don’t have to be a yogi or professional dancer. If you have a body, you are meant to move it, honor it, and experience it fully. 

When one of my Mvt109™ facilitator graduates asked me how to create a ceremony with movement, I decided to integrate it more formally into my facilitator training curriculum because it felt necessary to engage in that way. Our movement and body deserve the reverence and celebration that ceremony brings. 

Remember, your body is your soul’s life partner. You only get one in this lifetime! 

Want to create your own mini movement ceremony? 

Here is how to begin a movement ceremony in a simple way:

  • Create a space for yourself. Maybe you turn the lights down, light incense, or candles. Make it feel sacred in a way that feels good.
  • Set an intention of how you want to feel in the experience.
  • Start by laying on the floor for 5-10 breaths and just breathe in the stillness to open the circle. 
  • Let your body respond to the breath- that might be movement (it might also be in complete stillness.)
  • Then, simply put on a song that you love (maybe go way back to a fond memory that is linked to that song), continue to lay on the floor or stand in the middle of the room with your eyes closed and listen deeply to the song and allow it to guide your body to move.
  • No judgments. No making decisions or needing it to be a certain way, just listen and move.
  • Keep going until the movement feels complete.
  • Then at whatever point feels good, end on the floor again, in stillness with your breath and notice what shifted in your body, mind, and energy. 

Now, I know if you haven't given yourself this kind of space, it can feel a little awkward at first.

Just know, there is no right or wrong.  

So that’s why I’m inviting you to join me and my co-leader, Kim Romain at our Wings Unfurled Retreat in Michoacán, Mexico March 1-6, 2024  where we will be nurturing our bodies, minds, and souls in daily movement ceremony as a way to build safety and trust again in our intuition and feel free to take greater more expansive leaps in our lives. 

Are you intrigued?

Yes! Tell me more…



If  you are ready to answer the call from within to take flight as a vibrant and creative being to transcend the chaos and emerge as an independent leader of your life with freedom, ease, and abundance- then join us as we migrate with the monarchs to Mexico for this powerful and unbelievably transformational experience.

butterfly waterfall


March 1st-6th, 2024

Guided by Kim Romain and Phoebe Leona

What you will receive: 

  • 6 days and 5 nights at Agua Blanca
  • 3 healthy and hearty meals daily
  • Welcome Ceremony
  • Daily yoga, movement sessions and rituals with Phoebe & Kim
  • Visit to the Monarch Sanctuary
  • Temazcal ceremony
  • Free time to explore the waterfall, hot springs, and lush gardens in the property
  • Round trip airport transfers from Mexico City
  • Group Orientation and Integration calls with Phoebe & Kim


Save your spot now and SAVE $700!!! Only 4 spots available at these rates!!!


Phoebe Leona

 Phoebe Leona is the founder of The nOMad Collective, creator of the somatic/embodiment modality, Mvt109™, and author of Dear   Radiant One..An Emotional Recovery Story and Transformational Guide to Embody the Dance of Life. Her mission in life, no matter what she is doing, is to create transformational experiences for people so that they have a greater sense of safety, freedom, belonging and purpose.

Join Phoebe for an upcoming nOMad Retreat.



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