In this free virtual global retreat series you will guided to experience a more expansive version of yourself through ceremony, yoga, meditation, movement, and so much more that will change the way you see your world...and maybe even find the inspiration to explore it Bali, India, Mexico... ;)

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Feeling tired and depleted and wanting a break to rest and let go of the voices and/or old stories that are playing out in your life?
  • Searching for your community where you feel you belong?
  • Knowing you are ready for a change but not feeling sure of what, or how the new alignment will be for you and the life you want?
  • Feeling like you have to compromise who you are and what you need?
    to be successful at your life and tired of feeling “not good enough?
  • Going through a big change in your life; let go from a job, a divorce, or empty nest and wondering what’s next?
  • Feeling disconnected from your body and wanting to find your way back to become more grounded, creative, and confident again?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the state of thee world and know there is a better way of living and connecting with others but don’t know “how”?

I have good news, my friend. Each session in this FREE Global Retreat comes with a free gift which is designed to support you in shifting your energy, perspective, and actions so you can have a breakthrough that lasts!

Discover the Invitations That Await You...

Be prepared to RELEASE, TRANSFORM, and BE FREE during your 3-day global retreat!

Here is what to expect each day:

Our first day, explore the stories of worries, old patterns, and relationships that keep you stuck living a life that is not allowing you to really live our fullest expression. Allow yourself to grieve and let go.

Our second day, experience practices to alchemize who your soul wants you to be, and unlock the powers you have within yourself through yoga, meditation, and other transformational practices that will shift your life.

Our final day, be free to be YOU and fully celebrate who you have become by taking quantum leaps through breathwork, movement, and dance.

Journey Inward With Our Global Leaders

Phoebe Leona (Host)

Marie & Martin Richtsfeld

Kim Romain

Kena Siu

Lisa Mcnett

Kellie Walsh

Nancy Raffa Hallman

Amy Gatzemeyer

Prepare to Feel...

  • More centered in knowing who you are and what you want to create.
  • At peace in your body, mind, and spirit so you can lead your life more authentically. 
  • Confident in navigating the tricky waters of challenging emotions like shame, fear, anxiety, and anger. Deepening the connection with yourself and others in a more empathetic way. 
  • A greater sense of purpose and belonging.

… and feeling completely aligned to it, deep in your heart!