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Kena Siu

Retreat Host/Leader, Coach, Self-Care & Mindfulness Practitioner

Kena is a coach who helps women prioritize themselves. She teaches a variety of techniques and practices that she has learned and implemented into her lifestyle.

Her trainings cover healthy habits, yoga, meditation, mindset and dance. Drawing from her own life experiences, Kena offers a special blend of personalized one-on-one coaching that can help women transform their lives from the inside out.

upcoming retreat - Yucatán, Mexico

Remember Your Essence

A Post-breakup Retreat Designed Exclusively For Divorced & Separated Women


Kena's Offerings

    • Host & Lead Retreats
    • Mindset Facilitator
    • Yoga (Hatha Flow & Vinyasa)
  • Coaching
  • Meditation (Dhyana Darshan)
  • The nOMad Collective

    “I love Phoebe's energy and pace. I am certain that with her knowledge and expertise, I will be able to market and offer a successful transformational retreat.”

    Featured nOMad Guide, 2024


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