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Lisa Mcnett

Retreat Host/Leader, Coach, & Introspective Breathwork® Therapist  

Lisa, a relentless explorer, fueled by a lifelong curiosity in human behavior and self-discovery, embodies a visionary leader bridging ancient wisdom with a New World vision. Having encountered various challenges throughout her life, she grew to recognize experiences as opportunities to intentionally grow beyond perceived limitations.

In 2007, her inner calling led her to India, where a profound 'Kundalini Awakening' unveiled latent gifts, propelling her into the realms of healing arts and intuitive growth. Some of the certifications she holds include: 500-hour yoga instructor, licensed massage therapist, craniosacral therapy practitioner, breathwork practitioner. Over the years, Lisa has also immersed herself in different spiritual practices to perceive their underlying teachings, and has gained extensive training from experts in the field of trauma-informed practices.

As the founder of One Breath Institute, Lisa brings forth her vision for how to heal the self and achieve self-actualization through Introspective Breathwork® Therapy (IBT), a healing modality that blends breathwork, somatic work, energetics, and coaching. At her core, Lisa is dedicated to helping individuals heal and integrate adverse experiences, with a strong focus on trauma recovery. In essence, Lisa's mission is clear: to contribute to the transformation and healing of the world through her unique blend of wisdom, experience, and compassion.



A Transformational Retreat That Nourishes Your Body, Mind, & Soul


Lisa's Offerings & Certifications

    • Host & Lead Retreats
    • Coaching
    • 500-hr Yoga Teacher
    • Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner
  • Healing and Training in Introspective Breathwork® Therapy
  • Somatic Work
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • The nOMad Collective

    “Phoebe generously shares her wealth of knowledge and experience. She is attentive and asks the right questions, and offers feedback in a way that is direct while also being compassionate. I appreciate the ways Phoebe provides support for how to be an embodied leader.”

    Featured nOMad Guide, 2024


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