The Long and Winding Road


"Baby there ain't no shortcuts on your way
Baby there ain't no highways in these parts
You know baby gonna have to drive yourself down every little windy road
If you really wanna get to where you're goin."

- Heather Maloney, No Shortcuts

That photo was me, almost ten years ago when I found myself in Costa Rica about to embark on a new journey called nOMad. Shortly after, my mom sent me this Heather Maloney song and the lyrics resonated in my heart.

I had a vision and desperately wanted a shortcut but...

I knew there were so many winding roads I had to figure out for myself before I could follow the yellow brick road to the full realization of my vision. I felt the nudge and made the choice to step onto the path...

That vision was to host international retreats for people who yearned for their own transformation so that they could find the courage to take the big leap and live their dreams.

So here we are today...10 years from when I first had the vision, and 9 years to the day when I launched nOMad!!

On this anniversary, I want to share the challenges.

This message goes out to those who are just starting out on their own winding road to live their dreams and those who have been out here for awhile and losing faith that there is an oasis.

Is this you?

I hope this is a voice to encourage you to keep going...

nOMad began with a huge hurdle to overcome right out of the gate. I walked away from the very little stability I had in my life after everything else had been stripped away from the death of my dad and a divorce. I moved to Costa Rica on a whim, away from friends, family, and a stable job. I knew I had to reboot.

What I didn’t know, was that there were going to be a lot of shadows from my past that I would have to face. It was a tender balance between self-care and self-destruction that year away.

When I got back to the Hudson Valley, I launched nOMad and there was a lot of success seen from the outside with sold out retreats, a growing community, and powerful events and programs that were unexpected gifts.

But I didn’t know what the hell I was doing as a business owner. I worked long hours, ran around teaching at 10 studios, and said YES! to any work that would come my way to make ends meet.

I was also not a great leader. I got my emotions and past trauma that I wasn’t fully aware of get in the way of being a leader that I needed to be for people who were looking for my guidance. I lost students, colleagues, and friends both because of my ignorance and power. When I started to recognize this power in a more embodied way, I also lost people when I became better at what I was doing, which was even more heartbreaking in some ways.

Then came the global pandemic and with a retreat business that relies on travel, well, you can imagine it was no bueno. I took the grounded time to try different roads that didn't seem to take me anywhere but I did gain new skills and a better understanding of how to be a leader.

And then, this summer after multiple "failed attempts"  I had to take a hard look at the reality of nOMad's finances and saw the possibility of a dead end called "bankruptcy" and I said NO!

I got really quiet and listened to my heart...

It whispered to return to the original vision that I had somehow lost sight of from veering onto side roads that all needed to be explored for my growth as a person and leader to prepare me ready for the full realization of my vision...

And within two months from the day I was crying on the floor with the very real possibility of a shattered dream...

we now have 7 retreats in the works for 2024…with more to come!

As I listened to my heart and cried out in possible defeat, something very deep in side of me made a quantum shift in my perspective.  I can't quite explain it but everything just clicked into place. All the challenges, failures, and side roads were all a part of the journey that opened up to the yellow brick road to the Emerald City of of my vision. In the final hour, the universe revealed to me this divine plan.

All that to say, I have been through a lot with nOMad and I would do it all over again.

That’s the thing, when you know it is your path, all the winding roads in the world are so worth it...because they are your curves to slow down on, your hills to climb, your choices to let the foot off the brakes and put the pedal to the metal…they are all yours. No one else's which is beautiful, scary, and liberating. But if you really want it, the path will open up even when you think it's about to end and take you on the most scenic route possible.

Keep going!

Wherever you are on your path now, I am glad your soul brought you here. Whether this is your first time reading from me, you have been here the whole nine years, or anywhere in between...

This could be the call to your own adventure that you have been waiting for.

I would love to guide you. Consider joining me on a retreat! We got a little something for everyone wherever you roam….


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