Epi #157 The Power Of Travel and Transformational Retreats

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🌟 Ready for Transformation and Travel?
Have you always dreamed of exploring new horizons, but couldn't find the right companions to embark on your journey? 🌍

Are you yearning for a profound life change, seeking time and space for reflection, and eager to acquire powerful transformation tools? 🤔

Or perhaps you're a travel enthusiast looking to connect with like-minded souls while wandering through the world? 🌏

Your search ends here! Discover the magic of nOMad Retreats and how we can be the ultimate remedy for your travel bug and transformation cravings.

During this episode:

  • Learn more about the story of nOMad and how we created a space for people to have transformational experiences during the various transitions in life.
  • Meet Stephanie James, author, filmmaker, podcast host, psychotherapist and transformation coach who will be guiding Reigniting Your Spark Women's Retreat in Sayulita, Mexico in February 2024 for time and space to experience more joy, laughter, wellness, and sisterhood.
  • Meet Kim Romain, Life and Business Strategist for social enterprise founders and leaders who will be guiding creative entrepreneurs to take flight in Wings Unfurled Retreat in Michoacán, Mexico where the monarchs migrate win March 2024.
  • Meet Caryn Challman, Ayurveda Practitioner and
  • Phoebe Leona, founder of nOMad, creator of the somatic modality/movement ceremony, Mvt109™, author, and yoga teacher (500 ERYT/YACEP) who will bee guiding Your Love Awaits in Bali Retreat win April 2024.

We all share about our personal experiences as to why we love retreats and how our lives transformed because of them.

To learn more for join one of these upcoming nOMad Retreats in 2024, visit our website: www.thenomadcollective.org/upcoming-retreats

Through the end of November, save up to $700 on each retreat. so reserve soon while spots are still available!

Ignite Your Spark in Sayulita, Mexico
FEB 18-23, 2024
A Womens’ Retreat
With Stephanie James & Phoebe Leona

Wings Unfurled with the Monarchs in Mexico
MAR 1-6, 2024
A Retreat for Creative Entreprenuers
With Kim Romain & Phoebe Leona

Your Love Awaits in Bali
APR 14-20, 2024
A Retreat for Men & Women Ready for Love
With Phoebe Leona & Caryn Challman

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Check out all of our retreats here. (more will be announced soon!)




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