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Kellie Walsh

Retreat Host/Leader & Light Language Meditation Facilitator  

Kellie Walsh is a compassionate guide and facilitator dedicated to spiritual growth and transformation. With a deep understanding of the mystical realms and a profound connection to the divine, Kellie's work centers around creating a sacred space for individuals to explore their inner selves and embrace their spiritual potential.

She is an activator of your unique Soul language and through guided Light Language meditations and exercises, she can assist in awakening your Chakras in a safe and sacred space. 

upcoming retreat - Saugerties, NY

Embodied Breath Retreat: For Inner Voice Activation

Set against the backdrop of the Esopus River, this retreat offers a sanctuary for those seeking deep relaxation, inner exploration, & spiritual growth. 


Kellie's Offerings

    • Host & Lead Retreats
  • Light Language Meditations
  • The nOMad Collective

    “Working with Phoebe and nOMad has helped me in organizing my visions of workshops and retreats at my new space in upstate NY. She is inspirational as well as practical in approaching all the details of facilitating offerings and sharing your gifts to the world. Her experiences and wealth of knowledge is truly priceless....”

    Featured nOMad Guide, 2024


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