SLOW DOWN & PLAY to become the CEO of your life

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Say 'NO MORE" to stress, fear, and anxiety that hold you captive from leading a life you love.

Feel less stressed and more settled with the pace and circumstances of your life by calming the nervous system in order to tap into the flow of PLAY and allow curiosity to lead the way so that you embody a more creative life.

Take ownership of your emotional well-being that will be the catalyst for transforming how you lead your life.
  • Center your mind and regulate your nervous system so you can shift out of survival mode to see the world again through the lens of curiosity and confidence so that you can tap back into the creative flow of your life.
  • Emotionally connect with your inner world in a way that you can feel safe to fully embrace all of you, express yourself to connect more with others on an empathetic level.
  • Open up in safe spaces to be more vulnerable so you feel more seen, heard, and felt. Once you can connect in these spaces you will find more ways to share open communication in your other circles; personally and professionally and find ways to create them for yourself and others. 

The Process:

Phase One. Explore embodied movement (Mvt109™), breathwork, and meditations to SLOW DOWN, calm the nervous system, reset your body, mind, and soul so that you no longer live to just survive.

Phase Two. Open up your world to expanded awareness, movement (Mvt109), and PLAY to reignite curiosity, creativity, and celebrate who you are becoming to empower you again to living and leading your life to thrive again (or maybe for the first time.)

What's Included:

  • 8-weekly (virtual) circles to explore a theme and practices that will prepare you for the week ahead so you feel more centered and grounded to take on your week and build emotional resilience for whatever comes your way.
  • 8-weekly movement (mvt109) sessions to relax and release you body, mind, and soul.
  • Access to portal of tools for your emotional wellbeing toolbox. Dive in and explore on your own time the somatic/expanded awareness practices that will help you regulate your nervous system, go beyond the daily functional beta state -activate the alpha, delta, and theta brainwaves that tap into your creativity and intuition, and have a deeper understanding of how you can process emotions in a healthier way. (lifetime access)
  • Weekly Inquiry Prompts to check in how far you have come in all aspects of your relationships, career/biz, financial, health, spirituality, free time/hobbies.

Your ROI:

  • A sense of stability and grounding even when hard times arrive at your doorstep.
  • A sense of peace about what your life is now.
  • A clearer vision of what you want and what you want to create for the next chapter of your life; your relationships, career/biz, financial, health, spirituality, free time/hobbies.
  • A roadmap for inspired actions to take on your next adventure whether it is deepening and expanding what you already have or taking the leap to make a change.
  • An awareness of what kind of Embodied Leader you are in how you lead in your life so you can feel confident about tapping into your strengths and understand more about your shadows and blind spots to dance with them and overcome them.

Your Investment:

$977 for 8 weeks of live content (see above) and lifetime access to portal of content.

Slow Down & Play Graphic #1
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