Transformational Retreat to Mexico March 1-6, 2024: Answer the call within to take flight as a vibrant and creative being to transcend the chaos and emerge as an independent leader of your life with freedom, ease, and abundance- then join us as we migrate with the monarchs to Mexico for this powerful and unbelievably transformational experience.


One hour consultation with nOMad founder, Phoebe Leona will empower you with an action plan to execute for your next successful retreat.


Fall in love and join your Guide, Phoebe Leona, for a heartwarming retreat filled with love-infused rituals and ceremonies in the enchanting embrace of Bali.


Are you looking for new friendships that could last forever? Have you been feeling out of sorts and knowing there are changes needed to make space for healthier, more supportive, and fruitful friendships that will never be pushed aside, archived, or deleted? Join your guide, MaryJo Samaritano for a gathering of friends where you will feel held and supported...


If you're ready to take control of your life to feel more empowered and whole again, then come experience the powerful healing of sacred geometry and their energy powers to dive deeper within.

This is your call to retreat to Kentucky with your Guide, Hannah Jenks to transform into what you are meant to live; a life full of purpose and love, peace, and joy.