Embodiment & Awareness

Accessible tools to feel more embodied and empowered  

These self-paced programs offer tangible and accessible tools to support you on your self-discovery journey. Whether it's resources on how to move through fear or practices to find ease in your life, these are resources that you will want to come home to again and again.

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Embodied Radiance: A Somatic Embodiment Program

An Online Program By Phoebe Leona

This program inspired by the practices in Phoebe's book, Dear Radiant One, will offer you the transformative tools to reclaim your power and align you with your life’s purpose and take ownership of your radiance & soul expression in everything you do and become. 


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Trust Your Life, Despite Your Fears: Self Paced Program

An Online Program By Phoebe Leona

This self-paced program inspired by nOMad Founder, Phoebe Leona's book Dear Radiant One, will walk you through the gates of fear and scarcity to claim and trust your prosperous life. If you're ready to move from Fear into Trust begin your journey! 

Yoga & Meditation 

Yoga has been the backbone of nOMad since the beginning.   

We offer alignment based practices that will challenge you while keeping you safe and take you into a deeper sense of awareness of your body. Try one program or try them all, we are confident you will have a positive and supportive experience.

Yoga For Strength & Mobility

An Online Program By Amy Gatzemeyer   

This program with Amy is a creative mix of traditional yoga movements with a mix of strength and mobility moves typically not found on the yoga mat. 


Yoga For Flexibility

An Online Program By Phoebe Leona

This series will target the areas of the body that tend to be tight for most of us, particularly the hips, legs, and spine. A series that any beginner or more advance practitioner will get something from.